Guide to First Basic Basic Provided by Fixed-Based Operators


Like all other companies, aviation support groups are run by a number of functions. In North America and other parts of Europe, Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) ideas are being helped to have additional components. What is FBO? What kind of services do they offer? In this post, we will discuss these and other characteristics.

What is Fixed-Based Operator (FBO)?

To understand the services offered by FBO, it is important to understand the flight system and flight planes. FBOs provide a valid aircraft, aircraft aircraft to fly over aircraft. Unlike their business partners, there are no additions or a long process. M & # 39; place, FBO employees help airline aircraft to get the plane out. This may be a move from a hangar or a stand-out to the depot, as well as aircraft and aircraft and sundries and other passenger requests (such as eating, other rooms, etc.). The aircraft and aircraft are known to be FBOs, airplanes are quicker and easier, FBO operators help airplanes to help airline passengers and supplies the rest of the system.

What other things does FBO offer?

The most important thing is for all airplanes or aircraft. They are responsible for the air traffic office. These include hangar offices in & # 39; major airports and airports. Using airline facilities, FBO ensures that the flight crew can make their plans, build & # 39; children's weather and do everything necessary to plan flights and passengers. FBO also provides places where airline crew relax and relax when they are not ready to fly. According to the airport and local laws, passengers may use the facilities before escaping or being expelled or sent directly to FBO personnel.

What other things does FBO offer?

The answer is & # 39; this is all that airplanes and refugees need to make a successful trip. This often involves preparing or giving a move to the workers and workers, whether these are used to transport a car or a motor vehicle or a taxi. It may also mean assisting airplanes, shopping centers, restaurants, and so on. FBOs usually have a meeting place at a special meeting and can provide additional office space for airplanes and aircraft.

If you would like to learn more about Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) and FBO offices, you can browse the Internet to find employees and companies that & # 39; You have to work hard on their own projects and donations and make sure they have the skills and resources to support your needs.


Cheap flights from Austin Guide – all the airports, airlines and flights you need to know


Whether you are staying in the Texas capital or just passing by, you can use the online ticket price tool to help you find cheap flights from Austin. The airport offers a number of direct flights to North America, South America and Europe.

Major airlines serve Barbara Jordan Terminal, and low-cost airlines such as Allegiant, Sun Country and Via Air serve the South Terminal. American Airlines tends to offer Austin ticket prices to other major cities such as Chicago and Miami. If you need to fly to South America, such as Brazil, check out the services provided by Delta. There are also many other airlines that offer domestic and international flights.

Austin Bergstrom Airport [AUS] serves more than 10 million passengers annually. There are more than 150 shifts to nearly 50 destinations per day. Southwest Airlines is its largest airline, but other large airlines also have large operations.

If you are interested in some cheap flights to Austin, you may want to travel to Orlando, Denver, Phoenix or Las Vegas. No matter which country you need to visit, you should be able to find low-cost tickets for major cities nearby. If you need to reach an international city, it may take some time to make some price comparisons on the discount travel website, but you should be able to find anything you need. If you need to fly from Austin to London, you can save money if you fly to Dublin. It depends on the time of day and weather conditions. London also offers direct flights, although they may not always be the cheapest option.

Where to take a cheap flight from Austin

There are several parking lots and parking lots near Austin Airport, so if you plan to return to the city in a few days, you can choose a parking space. There are a variety of self-parking and valet options. You can take the shuttle bus to and from the car park and airport entrance in just a few minutes. The free veteran car park can be used to display vehicles with DV or other military honors.

If you can't find benefits today, don't worry – there will be many opportunities in the future. There are several flights a week from Austin to all major cities. For example, if you want to fly to Las Vegas, then AUS Airport has nearly 30 flights a week. Simply sign up to receive transaction alerts and install a discount travel app on your phone to track airline prices. Stay tuned and you will definitely find cheap flights from Austin.

Use online discounts to get not only cheap flights from Austin, but also affordable hotel rooms, car rentals, dining packages and more.

When you buy damaged flights, you need to think more


Top-run flights have been making great progress in & # 39; a few years ago. From cameras to bombing bombs, it looks like the sky and the limits of the models of scales & # 39; Damaged advanced airplanes have also been known to have become very important in the & # 39; movies to replicate damaged or damaged aircraft. Some governments use damaged aircraft to trap enemies or take pictures to serve them later.

The biggest interest is in the & # 39; a group of aircraft that people from all nations gather to enjoy the air. From groups of dogs to aerobatics there is no limit. From Cessna to the high performance jets of different and dynamic. We use thousands of dollars each year for additional activities. It seems that damaged birds are just beginning to grow, better and faster.

If you feel that you are involved in a habit, it would be wise to take some time to think about the advantages and risks before you give your hard money wrong. If you want to know how to run aircraft aircraft, you need to think first to put in the simulator. There are many options, but I would recommend that you go free and get free. If you know how to escape, you can make great progress.

The result will start with easy to build, easy to fix the model. Don't get out of big shopping and much better than you could lose in millions of pieces & # 39; few original bottles. The best RC aircraft are a bunch of fun, but be sure to know what you have before you use it.


The last thing & # 39; Model Model Design view


Aircraft Examples Examples are a mechanism for airplane collectors to gather their major aircraft. Among all the major aircraft in the market today, dying aircraft pass. The color and detail on dead aircraft are superior to the same plastic paper. The three most popular are 1: 200, 1: 400 and 1: 500.

The 1: 500 scale is a yaing & # 39; Powered by Herpa Wings. The drugs are very effective not only for airplanes, but also for heavy vehicles. Over the years, Herod has grown to a great detail in & # 39; their images, making them the best in the 1: 500 market. In addition to the plane, Herpa also offers a variety of airplanes, airports and aircraft. They are very good and very detailed.

Programs 1: 400 and "size of the & # 39; atmosphere". The two players on this market are Gemini Jets and Dragon Wings. Herpa Wings has some donations, but not much. Ma Jets Gemini and Dragon Dragon provides additional top quality in architecture and detail. Gemini recently opened a line of airports and aids in 1: 400 market.

The 1: 200 scale is the largest of three. There have recently been more donations from Gemini Jets and Herpa Wings. The advantages and details are unique. For example, there are many rubber wheels that are made of rubber wheels, and on images, pilot engineers.

Using a plane aircraft, you want to select which job you want. You can purchase software planes (or monuments), buildings and equipment, or you can build everything from the beginning. If you are building a pilot site, you can & # 39; ll be on the FAA website, under the preparation and power to find all the requirements for road length, length, authorization, etc.. To convert these dimensions correctly, use the following forms:

measure in cm = measure in feet x Turn-Action

where Conversion-Factor is 0.024 to 1: 500 percent, 0.03 to 1: 400 level, is 0.06 to 1: 200 scale. For example, the length of the road up to 150 meters, this change to 1: 500:

150 × 0.024 = 3.6 inches grow

If you want to make your own notes, you can use a variety of materials. For the originator, you can use Balsa tree, or cardboard. For the most advanced, you can go to a national museum, checking the & # 39; Most of these devices can be used to build your aircraft. Regardless of the measure, use your mind and enjoy!


Reasons 7 Women Pilots Definitely Bonanza Beech and Flight Aircraft – Not What You Think


The first Beechcraft Bonanza was brought back in 1947. Now in 2009 the famous Bonanza program is also made by Hawker Beechcraft. This makes Bonanza a very long-flight aircraft in & # 39; history. More than 17,000 Bonanzas of various offices have been created.

There is a reason why Bonanza is against the time of testing. Every pilot has a dream of flying Bonanza.

I remember the first time my son ran Bonanza solo from South Carolina to Pennsylvania to see his grandmother. It was a wonderful day in his life. He said that after he flew Bonanza enough to appear on his way to land, he finally felt as if he were a pilot.

When pilots think about the flight of Bonanza as a symbol of title, pilots think about Bonanza as a very beautiful flight.

Beech Bonanza is famous for all pilots who think they are committing adultery. Here are seven things that a woman thinks is Bonanza's sex:

1. Run – some of them walking at 200 mph.

2. It is not your own bird.

3. It's a classy and soft machine.

4. It's an expedient. Many women pilots say, “When you fly Beechcraft Bonanza, you have more energy.” You can't feel this no matter how you are when you're not flying and you can't see it when you fly in any other aircraft.

5. When you walk out of Beechcraft Boanaza you have the same time as a pilot and a mother with authority.

6. Women's planes and good businessmen know that at Beech Bonanza, it is a money that is more fun than money.

7. Finally, the flight of Beech Bonanza is just fun. It is one of the most difficult in the world (or should I say above the earth).

The good news for airline pilots is that now Beech Bonanza flights are selling at an unknown price. Search for eBay and search online and find one of these amazing features.

If the flight of Bonanza is so wonderful, consider the joy of having your Bonanza Beach Beach. It's like having a piece of history.

You are welcome to distribute this information as long as you are publishing it all, including the author's knowledge and additions below.


Flights from JFK to Las Vegas Airlines: Overview of airline, airline and airfare prices


Las Vegas is one of the most popular holiday cities in the world. Millions of people flock to the city every year and stay in one of the many notorious casino resorts. Those who fly from the east coast often choose New York as their starting city. This is because flights from JFK to LAS are often affordable. You can use the online search tool to compare ticket prices.

The method is simple. Simply enter the destination, select the date, and get a list of prices from all the different airlines. If you want to bundle prices together, you can usually choose to search for hotels other than airline tickets. If you have a flexible date, you have a better chance of getting a discount.

The average duration of this particular flight is 5 hours and 25 minutes. The distance is 2,243 miles and direct flights are available from multiple airlines. September is usually the cheapest month to fly to Las Vegas, while May and June are usually the most expensive months to fly. It is recommended to book flights from JFK to LAS at least two weeks in advance to ensure below average prices.

Since this is a popular route between the two major cities, many airlines offer multiple trips every day. Delta and Jetblue offer the most flights daily, followed by Virgin Atlantic. Other airlines you might want to check include Delta, Alaska Airlines, Sun Country and American Airlines. Some flights have at least one station in Phoenix, Minneapolis-St. Paul. Paul and Charlotte.

Reduce flight costs from JFK to LAS

Air travel is not necessarily very expensive. Just use the travel price comparison website to help you find a good deal. If you are not familiar with these airports, please check the map online beforehand. Where is the terminal? Where is the parking lot at JFK and the ground transportation area at McCarran International Airport?

Having said that, in addition to booking flights, you can also book a car rental service in Las Vegas. All car rental companies, such as Alamo, Enterprise, Payless, Avis, Budget and Hertz, operate at the McCarran Rent-a-Car Center, which is located three miles away and can be accessed via a dedicated shuttle. If you don't want to drive yourself, there are many other ground transportation options. Take a shuttle, taxi, bus or even a limousine to your resort.

When searching for flights from JFK to Las Vegas Airlines, please try to leave on weekdays to avoid weekend surcharges. As the price will rise, avoid flying during major festivals. Check the hotel price to see if there are airfare and hotel discounts on your trip.

Online discounts are everything you need to enjoy your tickets and hotels in Las Vegas. Search tools are very easy to use and intuitive. However, before you book your flight, please check to see if there is a flight coupon from JFK to LAS.

Ndege yaing'ono / Chimake Chakuda – Chifukwa Chake Ndege Zingagwire Ndege & Momwe Mungapewere


Ndinali woyendetsa ndege wa helicopter kwa zaka 35. Pa ntchito yanga, ndinayendetsa mtunda wa makilomita pafupifupi 1.5 miliyoni, ndikunyamulira, pafupi ndi momwe ndingathere, pafupifupi anthu okwana 100,000, ndipo ndinatsiriza ndi maola 12,500 othawa. Nambala yofunika kwambiri? Ndinafika ndi chiwerengero chofanana cha kutenga ndi kubwerera.

Pogwiritsa ntchito malonda a helicopter, izi zimawoneka ngati zodabwitsa. Anthu ambiri amakhulupirira kuti maulendo a helikopita ndi zovuta zotsutsana zomwe zingakhale zosayembekezereka, makamaka zoyipa. Chowonadi ndi chakuti, monga momwe ine nthawi zambiri ndimauza okwera anga, gawo loopsa la ntchito yanga linali kuyendetsa galimoto kupita kuntchito.

Koma pali ngozi yeniyeni yomwe ikupezeka mu makampani a helikopita, makamaka chifukwa cha momwe maulendo a helikopita amagwiritsidwira ntchito, ndipo izi ndizovuta zowonongeka. Ntchito zambiri za helikopita zimachokera ku zomwe FAA imatcha kuti 'malo osaloledwa', ndiko kuti, malo otsekemera osatulutsidwa, malo othawirako otsetsereka m'madera akumidzi, komanso malo omwe ali kutali komwe kulibe ma radio kapena radar. Malamulo onse amaitana oyendetsa ndege kuti aone ndikupewa. Zikuwoneka molunjika mokwanira. Ngakhale zili choncho, pali maulendo angapo omwe amamenyana nawo ndipo amatha kuchepa chaka chilichonse. Oyendetsa ndege amayesa kufufuza maulendo a ma wailesi, ndipo amayenera kudziŵa nthawi zonse kukhalapo kwa magalimoto ena. Koma ngati palibe malo osungirako zinthu monga kunja kwa FAA, kapena malo ena a ATC, omwe ndi ofunika mu bizinesi ya ndege, ndiye kuti woyendetsa ndege ayambe kuwombola ndege zina.

Sitikunena kuti kugunda pakati pa ndege ziwiri nthawi zonse kumabweretsa imfa. Pamene imodzi mwa makina amenewo ndi helikopita nthawizonse imatero. Ndege yokhala ndi mapiko ali ndi mwayi, ngakhale kuti ili kutali, kuti ipezeke pamtunda, ndipo mwinamwake, mwinamwake, mwina kufika pamtunda mwakachetechete. Helikopita siili. Nthawi iliyonse kayendedwe ka ndege kamene kamasokoneza ndegeyo idzawonongeka. Zachita. Kotero, muzinthu zambiri zimakhala zogwirizana ndi ndege zina, makamaka pamene, monga momwe zinalili mu New York midair posachedwapa, phiko lokhazikitsidwa liyenera kukhala likugwiritsidwa ntchito ndi woyendetsa yekha, mwinamwake wotsika nthawi. Kuonjezerapo, ngakhale kufufuza kumene kwangoyamba kumene ku New York, zida zomangamanga zikhoza kukhala ndi gawo. Ma helikopita amakhala ndi mawonekedwe aatali kwambiri kusiyana ndi makina a mapiko. Ndege za ndege zimakhala ndi zochepa zooneka bwino, makamaka ndege yopita pansi yomwe phiko lokha limakhala ngati malo osawona a magalimoto pansi.

Nanga mungatani kuti musamawonongeke? Kodi mungatani kuti ndege zisatuluke pandege pamene pali kuyang'anitsitsa kwapang'ono kapena kopanda kunja, popanda njira yothandizira njira zamakono? Nazi malingaliro angapo kwa ophunzira, kapena oyendetsa ndege ena ali ndi chikhumbo chothawa pantchito monga momwe ine ndinkakhalira ndi zochitika zoipa zoterozo mu zolemba zawo. Ndili ndi mayitanidwe apamtima: imodzi pafupi ndi kugunda ku Vietnam madzulo; ina pafupi ndi Dubuque Iowa imodzi yopanda mtambo, dzuwa limatuluka madzulo mu July; ndi kuyitana kwinakwake kwakukulu ndi mbalame yam'madzi yam'mphepete mwa nyanja yomwe ingakhale itatulutsa mpweya wanga wa mphepo sindinapewe naye.

Pali anthu ogulitsa ndege, makamaka aang'ono oyendetsa ndege kapena osadziŵa zambiri, omwe amavomereza ku 'chidziwitso chaching'ono cha ndege chodziletsa. Mwachidule, oyendetsa ndegewo amakhulupirira kuti m'dera lalikulu kwambiri ngati denga, ndipo pofotokoza zochepa zochepa, mwayi wawo wothandizana ndi ndege ina uli pafupi. Ngakhale kuti aphunzitsi nthawi zonse amafuna kuti wophunzirayo (ndi ena onse) apolisi aziika mutu wawo 'pang'onopang'ono', oyendetsa ndege ena amaika maganizo awo mkati mwa cockpit kwa nthawi yaitali, akungoyang'ana nthawi zina. Kotero lamulo loyamba ndi kuyang'ana kunja kwa ndege kamodzi kanthawi. Chikhalidwe chabwino cha chala chachikulu chikanakhala, o, ngati, masekondi khumi aliwonse masekondi asanu.

Njira ina yopezera ufulu wa magalimoto ena ndiyo kuyang'anitsitsa wailesi. Mvetserani kumalo, tcheru khutu kwa yemwe akutha, kapena amene akufika, ndi komwe. Kumatchedwa kudzidzimutsa, ndi bwenzi lathu lapamtima pandege, kapena kuyang'ana galimotoyo pamalo okwera kwambiri.

Dziwani kumene muli nthawi zonse. Izi zikhoza kumveka mophweka, koma ngati mumadziwa komwe ndege yanu ili pa kotala makilomita nthawi zonse, ndi mauthenga ena a magalimoto mumabokosi omwewo, muyenera kuyang'ana. Ndipo musaganize kuti akukuonani. Mmodzi mwa anthu akuluakulu opha njinga zamakono ndi osasamala. Wapha oyendetsa ndege ambiri kuposa kutuluka kwa mafuta. Zaka zovuta zakale zapitazo zinagwirizanitsa malonda 727 ku San Diego zomwe zinagwirizana ndi Cessna 172 mu September 1978. Oyendetsa ndege a ndegeyi adanena kuti anali ndi ndege. Koma ndegeyo inanena kuti kuwona kunali ndege yachitatu. Iwo sanamuone yemwe adathamangira, ndipo anthu 137 anamwalira.

Chodabwitsa china chimene chingayambitse zolemetsa chimatchedwa kuchuluka kwa kutsekedwa. Mu ufulu waufulu malingaliro a liwiro ndi ovuta kusiyanitsa ku cockpit. Kutseketsa ndege ina, woyendetsa ndege sangathe kudziwa molakwika mlingo umene awiriwa akuyandikira, ndikuwulukira mumakina ena. Izi zimachitika, makamaka pamene oyendetsa ndege akukhulupirira kuti ali ndi nthawi yochuluka yochitira, ndipo amapeza kenaka.

Ponena za chiwonetsero chaching'ono cha mlengalenga, monga momwe kuwonongeka kwa San Diego kunanenedwa pamwambapa, kuwonongeka kwakukulu kumachitika tsiku lotsatira mkati mwa makilomita asanu a ndege. Ku chitsanzo cha New York City, ndegeyo inali itangokwera kuchokera ku heliport pafupi ndi mtsinje wa Hudson ndipo inali kukwera. Ndikulingalira pa mfundoyi, koma zikuwoneka kuti palibe woyendetsa ndege yemwe adawona wina, kotero panalibe nthawi yoti achoke. Ngoziyi idalepheretsedwa ndi kuyang'anitsitsa kwambiri ntchentche zikuluzikulu, makamaka pang'onopang'ono pamphepete mwa mtsinjewu.

Zoopsa za ndege sizingapeweke. Ndizo zotsatira za kuyang'anitsitsa kwaumunthu, kusadandaula, kusowa chidwi, komanso kunyalanyaza zolephera. Monga mmodzi wa alangizi anga ankakonda kunena, "Sitikupanga njira zatsopano zowonongeka". Zokwanira zimatha kulepheretsedwa, ndikuwona bwino momwe airspace ilili yowonjezera – ndikukhala ndi nthawi zonse – kulima chizoloŵezi chodziwika bwino, ndikugwiritsa ntchito zilizonse zomwe zilipo pogona ndi kunja kwake, monga kufotokozera kwadongosolo, kufotokoza malo pa radiyo, ndi kuphunzitsa anthu kuti ayang'ane kunja.


Four W & # 39; Aviation Radio Communications


What is the most difficult of a pilot? Nearly everyone will say, "Talking on the radio." However, even beginners will feel better on the radio if they are using simple rules. I will start discussing these rules and give instructions for the pilot to use their radio skills.

Another W Radio Communication

Usually the most difficult to call the pilot is the first – "first call." However, any initial calls (and many subsequent calls) are only memorable for W & # 39; s four:

  • Whom do I call?
  • Who am I?
  • Where am I?
  • Where am I going, what am I doing, or what do I want to do?

Let's take two examples of this, one of the unprotected fields and one with control tower.

When you are planning to enter the tree on an unpaved road, you often create an ad as:

"Milltown (who are you calling?), Cessna 12345 (who am I?) I am 45 to the bottom (where am I?), 22 road up Milltown (what am I doing?).

I have a control tower, you can say:

Ocala tower (who am I calling?), Cessna 12345 (who am I?) 8 kilometers up to two thousand and five hundred and Charlie (where am I? – adding ATIS), getting to the Ox?).

Once you start communicating, you do not need to use WS four for which you communicate. M & # 39; instead, just read the contradictory instructions to the administrators to know that you have received. For example, if the facilitator asks you to enter the bottom right 24, you can say, "Cessna 12345 will step down until 24."

Try different activities from your friends or trainer, and soon you'll know what to say all the time.


Even if you know what to say, talking on the radio is still trying. Here are some suggestions that he will speak to you as the time criticizer.

  1. Listen to ATC services. If you do not have a radio that receives land travel, see if you can rent another pilot or your school to a week. Listen to what the pilot talks to ATC at their first call and how they react to ATC's instructions. Try to listen to the top, tower, approach, and stop if you can.
  2. Write down what you will say before starting the first call. You can even make texts that are insufficient to do this. After a couple of weeks of this, most people can claim for themselves, but you may need to write difficult calls.
  3. If you are a pilot, make sure that the tax on your first call is ATC to be very careful how it affects you.
  4. Don't worry if you forget something. Even pilot pilots sometimes forget to tell the host & # 39; their anchor length or that they have ATIS. Don't worry – the authorities ask you something if you forget.
  5. Study 4 with the Pilot / Controller Glossary in the Aeronautical Information Document.

If everything else fails, use English! Not all events lend to the ATC & AT; or you can forget how to speak. Once I left an unfamiliar aircraft and landed, I realized that I did not know where I was in the airport. The calling took place like this, "Littletown, Cessna 12345, ummm …" (About this time I was going to & # 39; children around) "I am the sign of the Chevron, ready for taxi and Delta, and going west." Chevron! Ground found me letting me a taxi.


It takes a lot of time to switch aircraft in the & # 39; onozing & # 39; Cessna view – Repair aircraft 101


Many people are still on duty, and one day while I was at Wichita, KS I realized that the world's largest travel agency is seriously injured. When he talked to the Starbucks people there, he said he was taken for a while. It seems that President Obama has made insulting remarks about airline pilots and aircraft that use airplanes for more dangerous flights than ever before, and the airline laws are just as if they hit a wooden wall.

We need to talk, especially speaking to hangar, airplanes and flying stories, saying he wants to start a flight business but he didn't know what to do. Ever since, I have established a good business plan for the aircraft, he asked; "What Time Is It To Clean the Birds in & # 39; onozing & # 39; Cessna's photos, or the same flight?"

The good question and my answer was this. Washing out, one person with 5.0 hp problems cleaner can clean, remove worms, ventilation, and reduce C-152 m & # 39; between 15-20 minutes if washed every week. A Corvalis minutes are just a few minutes away because they are low wings, but not very fast because they are four places.

The best results are as important as an owner's plane, or rent. Airline flights, airplanes, and FBO aircraft take longer time because of the number of aircraft and aircraft. The real people quickly, as you can use dusty sound, dash the dash, detail in the electrical and the bottle spray doors with the inside, plastic and vinyl.

Yes, I can say five minutes, longer than the car because of the parks and the hard walking. Add another five minutes of aircraft airplane, it is very dirty, especially if the food is between the lanes and things like that.

The clean-up of the airline is the one that sells the meetings, but until things go well, I say that they will survive. But he would have done well to describe white airplanes, one of the engine functions, not just when all the aircraft were at a difficult time, depending on the origin and currency of his business. "Cooking aircraft working hard," I said, "do not be offended." If you think of starting a cleaning service, you will probably discuss it all.


Airplane Airplane Airplane – Fixed 10th


Running a plane flight is very interesting, and it is easier to do in the airtime of this flight. The following are 10 top stories that learn to run from one of these aircraft.

Story 1: Learning to fly a RC flight is very difficult. Nothing can be extra for truth. Use any

The number of ready-to-fly RC flight planes is getting ready to run outside the box, no house is involved. You are not worried about the inevitable damage, as these aircraft are seriously damaged.

Story 2: Learning to fly a RC flight. With a quick announcement of an invisible, bubble ready to fly, you can buy aircraft, control and a minimum of $ 40 at your young store.

Story 3: You need more training to learn how to escape. New flying birds are well made. Due to well-designed techniques that are difficult to repeat in the doorway, the cheapest prices are very effective. You will also learn how to run these good papers over a few days.

Myth 1: Learning to fly takes a lot of time. Using the RC computer system, including the use of an aircraft runner, a pilot can make a quick trip to the # 4;

Story 5: You need to have teachers to learn how to run RC flights. Damaged, damaged damage to damaged aircraft may be damaged by damage to the & # 39; Included with a few instances of computer survival events, quick travel missions and aircraft flight & # 39; onozing & # 39; realists make the profits of experiments fast.

Story 6: You need construction skills to fly. With the breakdown of the availability of flight planes, lightweight airplanes, there is no need to even check the & # 39; children within one of these aircraft. Once you open the box, send the radio and fly.

Story 7: Top RC aircraft & # 39; A large jet can be very difficult. But the fox & # 39; fox for two-to-three jet aircraft. Simplicity is necessary for easy operation.

Myth 7: You need a license to fly. There is no need for any type of government radio or airline to shoot the sample & # 39; After all, it is the kind of aircraft that is damaged, you can fly back.

Myth 7: You need to join a group to enjoy the RC movement. There are many kinds of aircraft for the most lovers, and it offers a lot of useful information, ideas and connections. However, there is no need for you to be a member of one of these groups to start walking.

Story 10: Learning to fly a RC flight is worrying you. Until the coming of his weight, getting ready for flying aircraft, your teacher was weighed two or three pounds, tied with a bar, and had a gas engine. The birds were hurrying off, and every crash or damage that caused a catastrophe caused serious damage. Included with the lack of any computer simulator, it was frustrating and extra time to learn how to fly.

For all the reasons we have described in this article, the ability to purchase a well-designed RC aircraft that is well designed and flying from the box has changed the study to fly forever. In a nutshell, the RC airplane is now fun, simple, affordable, convenient and free.