S35 Beechcraft Bonanza – Cause for First Buying Birds Can Love It


If this is the first time you buy a plane, then you would like to read this article. Many people make mistakes when buying their first flight, and you want to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. Used or new? What kind of example? How do you know if it's appropriate for you? We will go over a few things you need to check & # 39; click and expect while you are entering the & # 39; modern stuff.

Before you choose which type of flight you will have, first you have to choose whether you can use it or use it. New aircraft have a “new odor”, but ten times more expensive. Some people believe that a new green aircraft means that it will be safe, since all the new organs come out of the meeting.

First of all, you should understand that the airline used in the market is generally good, and it is consistent with the state security regulations. One of the reasons is that to get insurance, you have to run damaged aircraft every year and from year to year.

This is why airline travel continues to this day. One reason is that pilots are not going to heaven and put their lives at risk without any guarantee that everything is working under the house. Perhaps you are buying a plane run by a pilot, because they are either preparing or using another aircraft and why they are selling it.

So now that we have left the false doctrines of the airplane, you have to ask yourself the type of aircraft you buy. Its deterioration and many species and aircraft are available, with many additions and distractions. The easiest way is to choose how many seats you want and get out of there.

Now that you have decided how many seats you want, the second thing you want to think about is your long journey. Most aircraft will help make a decision. If so many places are nearby, you want to get a little airline because it is too expensive and too long.

The S35 Bonanza is a short flight, about 534 nautical miles. Additional space enough to follow your many requirements. Her aircraft 6, so the whole family can come together. And it's cheap, making a good choice for many new customers.


South African Airways


South African Airways (SAA) is the largest airline company in South Africa. It is located at Airways Park, which is due to OR Tambo International Airport. The company travels to 37 countries across the country, with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

After South African Airways, there was a Union Airways, which the South African government bought and was given its real name in 1934. The company's expansion was rapid, heavily controlled by WWII. However, in 1945, SAA achieved its long-term objectives; is using a European route.

M & # 39; m & # 39; 1950s, Boeing 707 was followed, guided by the new types of "jet years". Moving forward was a constant process until the m & # 39; 1970s, where the airplane is growing rapidly; The results of the electoral slavery were the first to demonstrate how the world is moving. U.S. The Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 prohibited all trips by South African employees as SAA. In 1987, SAA's work for Perth and Sydney was over, due to the opposition of Australians.

M & # 39; in recent years, SAA triggered a restructuring, which was aimed at ensuring that all employees have the best skills in what is happening now, and re-set up business for the most benefit.

SAA runs to five sites allowed in warehouses and other countries 32 m & # 39; 26 countries and with British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways and United Airlines – with one of only nine of the six countries in the six countries.


Use these tips to book your flight online and save money


Whether you need to travel to another city or other country, booking a flight has never been easier. Travelers have many choices. The airline itself provides preferential services through the Internet, telephone and personally. There is also a budget travel website that simplifies the process by allowing you to compare all rates for each airline at a time and choose which one best suits your preferences.

There are many things to consider when booking a flight: departure city, departure date, arrival date, arrival date, round trip, number of nights to your destination, whether you need to book a car rental and/or hotel and flight, and more. Fortunately, all of this can be done easily with the online search and comparison tool. You can try the date and time as well as the destination to see the price range. The more flexible you are, the easier it is to get a cheaper price.

Age is also an important factor – especially if you are traveling with a child or an elderly person. Tickets for adults and children 17 years of age and younger are different. For seniors, advanced discounts may be available. While credit/debit cards are the primary payment method of choice for the airline industry, a few airlines accept PayPal and unused travel funds. You may also have a flyer credit or gift card that you can redeem.

Price reminder will help you book your flight

Be sure to register a price alert before booking your flight. Tickets can fluctuate wildly – even every day. If you have to buy tickets for relatives or colleagues, even a small reduction can save you a lot of money. Some online websites and tools even allow you to set your own budget and will notify you when there is a ticket within your budget.

Make sure you book your long-haul flights cheaper. If you are flying long distances, it may be cheaper to consider booking two or three legs of your trip by adding another or two destinations to your trip. For example, if you need to fly from Europe to Alaska, it might be cheaper to book a trip to Atlanta first, then book a trip from Atlanta to Chicago, then fly from Chicago to Seattle, then fly to Alaska via budget airlines who offer smaller travel.

The best way to do this is to use the Travel & Shopping comparison website, where you can compare all prices for all airlines on a single entry date. If needed, choose the option that best suits your needs and book your flight as well as hotel rooms and car rentals.

Whether you want to book a business trip or a vacation, the best online search location. The site not only remembers the best ticket prices, but also remembers hotel prices and car rental discounts. You can use your online coupons to create your own itinerary and save money in the process.

Starting with Airplane Aids


Since the airline has been established, we have been happy with flying. Not only that, now it's the daily part of our lives. Many people are running for their work and almost everyone has traveled in the # 39; Using high speed machines, you can walk longer. For example, one might run away from London to Germany under two hours, and others would walk this way on their business day. This kind of journey has never existed. Airplanes also use many other features like my aircraft & # 39; modern hands and only white airplanes.

There are so many different planes out there now. From helicopters, 6 to 4 airplanes, jets, jets, highways and old airplanes. Air energy & # 39; many countries, has various machines now. It has a helicopter helicopter, aircraft and # 39; It is very different, it is quite common for people to no longer pay for their expenses.

Risk costs conducted by airline teams are different. We all know how much expensive fuel will soon be due to our cars and cars. Car fuel is expensive, not expensive, because it needs to be clean and good to meet safety standards and as a result of danger. Some involve serving as a pilot. Hydroelectric aircraft require a special shortage but when aircraft aircraft or aircraft can run. The protection regulations that are required for short travel are often increased.

As a result, a refreshing airplane is well-known and is also true. Whether you are a company or someone else, repairing aircraft machine is the best way to do it. If you want a flight at a time it is cheaper to rent someone who is on board or a buyer. For most airline companies, you must sell them because you cannot afford to buy all of these. The advantages of lending will not have a negative impact when the plane crashes like a tree and a car. Exchanges also help to reduce large-scale revenues due to additional expenses and financial assistance.

A lender is a very effective airplane. It has great economic benefits as well as tax benefits. For airplanes like helicopters, which cost more money and require more or more maintenance, climbing up credit is the best way. For people and businesses looking at & # 39; children to start or continue to have airplanes, leaks are of great benefit.


Who & # 39; an Operator Another Wow & # 39; an Sexual Offender?


Publishers occur every time an accident or a major aircraft event. It seems to look like any kind of bad bird that fosters. Keep up with newsletters, newspapers, commercial sales, etc. The eye & # 39; radio station has been speeding up the detailed details of the plane crash and almost miss. The pilot will & # 39; t down all the time in & # 39; TV and is often called pilot. The word is defined by & m; 39; more options. It can be interpreted as someone who is interested in learning or learning other things without training or paying. One meaning is a person who learns or plays games that are inappropriate or fun. Thoughts are the same as many. The problem is that the motorist is drawing a picture of a magazine reader on flying aircraft, then he goes to a nearby neighborhood to escape. Getting a driver's license and aircraft plan are essential for effective training and other medical requirements and many tests. So where does the word amateur come from? In comparison, a pilot who hides himself in leisure activities and entertainment really requires a little education — a jet planner or a global user.

Running game or drawing requires a flight certificate from the USA. There are also certificates that require few subjects such as a Pilot Certificate. This identification has a number of reasons because it prevents students from being trained in a short period of time and is very difficult for the student. The available resources give the pilot the power of the aircraft that can be as difficult as where they live or fly. The distinction between these two letters is the essential medical research and a well-known reliable test and approved by the FAA. A driver's license does not require a student to pass a medical examination.

Airline pilots need to understand, speak, and read English. Aircraft crashes and aircraft, use English to communicate. This is true in the World & # 39; international airports, even where English is not the language of the parents. Choosing a school for survival n & # 39; very important. Most are always available in & # 39; airports. Education is not cheap. A special vehicle registration certificate takes forty hours no less than the flight time. This includes time in flight and instructor as well as when he can fly alone. Many pilot schools encourage students to obtain a medical certificate from your FAA doctor after starting an education. After the student passes, your school to go to school or an ordinary student begins the teaching process as well as pilot training. The school world varies considerably between students depending on the amount of time they spend one week and the amount of physical drinks. Airline pilots can get information via & # 39; different ways, such as web sites, videos, videos and books. In some cases in your studies except school schools, pilot students have to choose a survey of many, today comes from the computer, and programs offered by the Federal Aviation Administration.

After testing the FAA test, as mentioned, you need to enter a few hours than FAA. A special lesson, students should write down the exact time, on the coming night, and showcase the possibility of completing the flight of the aircraft from the airport to another. Running up, or a final test, also requires a FAA & # 39; Running involves a test of trials that are followed by practical trials that a student should demonstrate movement of his movements and aircraft movements. This is where the word amateur is removed. It is important for all the tests that go through the test, the student will be given a personal driver's license. Although a pilot pilots a pilot at a time on a pilot and a new aircraft do not have air compared to a pilot who has been flying for decades or even decades, it is still difficult to say the pilot is a pilot.


Run In the same Way With a Airplane


There were times when airplanes were driven away for short periods of time. In the late years of the m & # 39; 1980s, people were going to run away with children. This led to a plane crash.

A jet plane is a light aircraft, unlike commercial aircraft. The flight flight I can & # 39; make & # 39; more than big planes. However, these terms are similar to the & # 39; different countries, the extent to which the scope and weight are different from & # 39; different countries.

In Europe and m & # 39; other countries, they are called signs. All you call, this flight is less than aircraft. Light, low-cost medicines, fly faster, use the # # 39; ointment, which can only have two or two people and they are governed under many laws.

One type of aircraft is a plane that has a fixed wing. The cups are not able to get out and go to the water. However, there are groups of airplanes called amphibious, or amphibians, who are able to migrate on land and road.

Another type of damaged airplane is the wings of aluminum and fabric. The pilot hangs himself up on a land bound by an airframe, which includes wings. My examples & # 39; old electrical lights were run. However, new machines are now new airplanes.

One of the most fascinating species of damaged aircraft is used around. These are motorcycles used for the paraglider wing which the pilot travels. Although it may have only one seat, it is definitely the cheapest price. He loves many people who practice it as everyone else, even if he is not an engineer, he can make such a kind.

You can start building your paraglider paper from a tool or purchasing plans from an airline, which is cheap if you choose to buy hand tools or fish. All your favorite things, paragliding is a simple way to have a dirty airplane.


Cheap flight information to Las Vegas: Know when to book to save you the most money on vacation in Las Vegas


Las Vegas has been one of the most popular destinations in the United States for decades, and it may be the case in the coming decades. Although it has a reputation for adult entertainment, the city also has good family-friendly fun. Many resorts and hotels have very affordable prices. However, you still need to get there to stay in an affordable hotel. This is a cheap flight to Las Vegas.

More than 40 million passengers arrive at McCarran Airport every year from all over the world. Dozens of airlines offer direct flights and round-trip flights. Since this is a busy airport, it is not difficult to find a good offer on the flight. You can fly to Las Vegas from almost any other airport. Even if you can't find a direct flight from the nearest airport, you can still find the connection without any problems.

We recommend that you book a cheap flight to Las Vegas 14 days in advance. This is the cheapest time to book a flight unless you travel during a major holiday. If you want to save as much as you can, you should be prepared to fight the hot desert heat. This is because the cheapest month to visit Las Vegas is usually in August, when the temperature can reach 100+ per day. Since all resorts have swimming pools, staying cool shouldn't be a big problem. Wait until the evening to go outside. The Fremont Street Experience offers 24/7 entertainment.

Cheap flights to Las Vegas in advance

Please pay attention to the city's timetable before booking your flight. There are many conventions and competitions this year. During this time, travel and travel prices have soared. Try to avoid flying on Saturday.

When searching for cheap flights to Las Vegas, consider bundling the price of the ticket with the hotel room and car rental [if you plan to rent it] as you may receive a discount. You can search for airfare + hotel deals on the discount travel website. There are other airports near Las Vegas, although McCarran is the closest and easiest airport to find discounts.

Always check and view the prices offered by budget airlines. Low-cost carriers include Frontier Airlines, Allegiant, Sun Country, JetBlue, and others. Do these airlines offer cheap flights from local airports to Las Vegas?

Use online discounts to help you save your trip to Las Vegas. Whether you are traveling alone, traveling with a companion, or traveling with the entire team, you should first find an online website to find cheap flights to Las Vegas.

Mbiri ya Republic Airport


Zolemba za Farmingdale:

Ku Farmingdale, Long Island, Republic Airport ndi malo omveka bwino kwambiri a m'madera ndi dziko lapansi, atagwira nawo ntchito zankhondo komanso zandale. Koma patangotha ​​nthawi yaitali kuti ikhale ndege, idapangitsa ojambula omwe anamanga ndege.

"Industrial Revolution ndi kupanga ndege zinabwera ku Farmingdale panthawi ya nkhondo yoyamba ya padziko lonse pamene Lawrence Sperry ndi Sydney Breese anakhazikitsa mafakitale awo omwe anali apainiya m'deralo," anatero Ken Neubeck ndi Leroy E. Douglas m'buku lawo, Airplane Manufacturing ku Farmingdale (Arcadia Publishing, 2016). , p. 9). "Iwo anakopeka ndi kukhalapo kwa nthambi ziwiri za Long Island Railroad … pafupi ndi Njira 24, yomwe inabweretsa magalimoto ndi magalimoto kupita ku Manambala a Fifty-Ninth Street ku Manhattan; malo oyendayenda; komanso pafupi ndi antchito aluso … "

Malo oyambirira a mlengalenga, komabe, anafesedwa kutali kwambiri mu 1917. Company Company ya Airrence, yomwe inaphatikizapo chaka chimenecho ndi $ 50,000, yomwe ili pamtunda wa Rose ndi Richard m'mudzi wa Farmingdale, inapanga ndege yoyamba monga mawonekedwe a Mtumiki.

Yopangidwa ndi Alfred Verville wa US Army's Engineering Division ku McCook Field, biplane yaikulu, 17.9-foot-long, biplane zonse zogwiritsidwa ntchito ndi "ma motorcycle" mishoni, podutsa pang'ono kuti athetse uthenga ndi kumtunda kuchokera kumunda olamulira, motero amalandira dzina lake. Mbewu ya Farmingdale yomwe imakhala ndi miyendo ya ndege, inalinso yofanana ndi Sydney Breese, yemwe Breese Aircraft Company, yomwe ili ku Eastern Parkway, inapanga Penguin. Pogwiritsa ntchito Bleriot XI, ndege yapakatikati ya mapiko, yomwe imagwiritsidwa ntchito ndi injini yawiri, 28-hp, yomwe ili ndi injini ya Lawrence, inali yopanda kuwuluka, mphunzitsi wamkulu wokonzekera kuyendetsa ndege za US Army kuchokera kumayambiriro kupita kuntchito. Anatumizidwa kumalo otseguka a ku Texas, omwe ankawombera mapiko kuti akhale otukuka, koma analola kuti ndege zatsopanozi zidziwe kuti zisanatulukire mitsinje yawo yopingasa. Pa zowonjezera 301, zisanu zokha zinagwiritsidwa ntchito pa cholinga ichi; Zotsalayo zinaikidwa kusungirako.

2. Fairchild Aviation Corporation:

Ngati Lawrence Sperry ndi Sydney Breese anayika maziko a Farmingdale maziko, ndiye Sherman M. Fairchild adayimitsa.

Poyamba anali ndi chidwi ndi zipangizo zojambula zithunzi, adakhazikitsa Fairchild Aerial Camera Corporation mu 1920, akugulitsa zida ziwirizo ku Army, ndipo adapanga kampaniyo ku Fairchild Aerial Surveys kuti apange mapu pamene adalandira mgwirizano wa 20 .

Pofuna kubwezeretsa mitundu yambiri ya ndege yomwe anaigwiritsa ntchito ndi kamera kamodzi, kamangidwe kamakono kameneka, Fairchild adakonza zofunikira zapadera, koma sakanatha kupeza wopanga angathe kulimanga pa mtengo wogula. Atakakamizidwa kuti adzichite yekha, adakhazikitsa kampani yake yachitatu yopanga ndege, Fairchild Aviation Corporation, ndipo adasamukira ku fakitale ya Sperry ku South Farmingdale, atachoka chifukwa cha imfa ya Sperry yomwe inamwalira mu December 1923.

Ndege yapamwamba, mapiko, omwe amagwiritsa ntchito injini imodzi, FC-1 ndi yoyamba yopanga mawonekedwe mu 1926, ili ndi nyumba yotsekedwa ndi yotentha kuti iteteze woyendetsa ndege ndi makamera ake, koma injini yake yoyambirira ya OX-5 zinali zosakwanira. Ikulumikizidwa ndi mphamvu yapamwamba ya Wright J-4, idakonzedwanso FC-1A.

Mafilimu a FC-2, othandizidwa ndi mawilo, akuyandama, kapena masewera, adawonetseratu kuchuluka kwa kabini. Poyendetsedwa ndi ndege ya Wright J-5 yokwana 200-hp, ndegeyo, yomwe inkafunidwa kuti igwire ntchito zamalonda, inali yotalika mamita 31 ndi mapiko makumi asanu ndi awiri. Kukhala ndi woyendetsa ndege limodzi ndi okwera anayi, kapena katundu wolemera mapaundi 820, unali ndi katundu wolemera makilogalamu 3,400 ndipo ukhoza kufika msinkhu wapamwamba, mphweya 122 ndi kugwiritsa ntchito zigawo zokwana ma kilomita 700.

Tikufuna kuti posakhalitsa fakitale ya South Farmingdale ichepetse mphamvu. Pambuyo pofufuza malowa, Fairchild yekha anasankha mbali 77,967 acre kumbali yakumwera kwa Route 24 ndi Conklin Street ku East Farmingdale, malo omwe analipo, mphepo za ku South Shore ndi njira zambiri zowonjezera pogwiritsa ntchito njanji njira yayikulu, Njira 110, yomwe ingathandize anthu onse ogwira ntchito komanso kayendedwe kazitsamba kumalo atsopano. Analowa m'mabwalo, ndegeyo imatha kuthawa.

"Fairchild Flying Field ya 77,967 yamakilomita inamangidwa kumapeto kwa nyengo yozizira komanso kumayambiriro kwa chaka cha 1928 ndipo poyamba inali yoyendetsedwa ndi a Fairchild Engine ndi Airplane Manufacturing Company," malinga ndi bungwe la Long Island-Republic Airport Historical Society. Maseŵera oyambirira kuchokera ku (izo) anachitika mu (kumapeto kwa chaka cha 1928) Fairchild ndege ndi mafakitale a Fairchild atamaliza ndipo ndege zinapangidwa kumeneko. Fairchild anamanga Model 41, 41A, 42, 21, 100, ndi ndege 150 … "

Mapiko, monga a mapiri a Hempstead kumadzulo, adakweranso m'minda yamunda ya Long Island, yomwe inamangidwa, yosungidwa, ndi kuthandizidwa, ndi Fairchild Airplane Factory, Fairchild Engine Factory, ndi Fairchild Flying Field, atatha Faircam Realty, Inc., adagula dzikolo ndipo maziko ake oyambirira adakhazikitsidwa pa November 3, 1927.

Ngakhale Fairchild anapanga zitsanzo zambiri pa malo ake atsopano a ndege ku Long Island, mizu yake ikanakhala yotsimikizika. Pogwiritsa ntchito likulu lawo ku Hagerstown, Maryland, mu 1931, patangotha ​​zaka zitatu zokha, adachoka kumalo ake, omwe anali atangotengedwanso nthawi yomweyo ndi American Corporation, kapena AVCO, omwe ndege zawo ndi magalimoto anagawira maulendo 100 a ndege za American Airways. Koma kuvutika maganizo, kulandira malipiro aakulu kwambiri kuntchito, kunachepetsetsa chiwerengero cha ndalama, popeza kuti kukwera ndege kunkakhala pamwamba pa mndandanda wotsika mtengo wa kampani, ndipo kupezeka kwake kunakhala kochepa kuposa Fairchild's. Pofika pakati pa 1932, iwo anaphanso chimodzimodzi.

3. Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation:

Poyamba ku Valley Stream, komwe kunapangidwira pansi, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation inasamukira kum'maŵa, ku Fairchild Flying Field, ndipo inakhala ku Fulton Truck Factory, komwe idapanga FF-1. Poyendetsedwa ndi injini imodzi yokha ya 750, hp injini ya Wright, biplane, yokhala ndi chobwezera chobwezeretsa, inaperekedwanso kupangidwira, monga SF-1.

Ndege yofunika kwambiri yomwe imachokera ku mzere wopanga East Farmingdale, komabe, inali Duck. Kuchokera pachiyambi cha Loening Aeronautical Engineering Corporation cha XO2L-1, chidaperekedwera ku US Navy mu 1931, koma, popeza Loening mwiniyo analibe zipangizo zofunikira kuti amange, adapitanso kwa Leroy Grumman, yemwe kale anali naye ntchito, adawutumiza mu mawonekedwe osinthidwa. Povomerezedwa pa April 25, 1933, biplane, yotchedwa XJF-1, idagwidwa ndi injini yamakina opanga mahatchi 700-hp, yomwe inkanyamula chombo cha Hamilton Standard. Kuphulika kwake, kokhala ndi mbali imodzi ya fuselage ndi yachiwiri, ya waya, pakati pa mapiko awiri, inali yochepa kwa tsiku lake. Ntchito zamadzi zinkagwiridwa ndi malo oyendetsa pansi, omwe anali pansi pa fuselage.

Zonsezi, 632 JF ndi J2F Dakhaka zinapangidwa, zolimbikitsidwa kupita kudziko lonse, kugwira ntchito zambiri.

Ngakhale kuti Grumman's Farmingdale inalipo kuposa ena onse, komabe patapita zaka makumi khumi, mu 1937, pamene idasamukira ku likulu lalikulu ku Bethpage, Long Island.

4. Seversky Aircraft Corporation:

Seversky Aircraft Corporation inafika patsogolo pa Farmingdale pamene idasamukira kumeneko kuchokera ku College Point ku Queens, ndikugwira ntchito ku fakitale ya American Corporation.

Nkhondo yoyamba ya padziko lonse yokongoletsedwa, Alexander P. de Seversky, monga Igor Sikorsky, anasamukira ku United States kuchokera ku Russia, ndipo mu 1923, anapanga bombsight yoyamba ya gyroscopically-stabilized ku Sperry Gyroscope Company, asanakhazikitse yekha Seversky Aero Corporation, yomwe akuyang'ana pa zipangizo za ndege ndi zigawo.

Ojambulidwa ndi ndalama zatsopano, poyamba amagwira ntchito ya fakitale ya EDO Corporation.

Cholinga chake chachikulu choyamba, SEV-3, chinali chophweka komanso chokhazikika, chikuwonetsa Seversky's aviation-intuitive nature. Amagwiritsidwa ntchito ndi injini imodzi, 420-hp, injini yamoto ya Wright J-6, ndege yonse yachitsulo, yotsika mapiko, kulumikiza woyendetsa ndege ndi anthu awiri akuyenda, kutsetsereka kwa njinga zamtundu, zinkathandizidwa ndi chiwombankhanga kapena kuyandama, ndipo mu 1933 anakhazikitsa liwiro la dziko lonse la apiskopi amphibiya. Patadutsa zaka ziwiri, pa September 15, idapitiliza mpweya wa 230 mph.

Maziko a matembenuzidwe ambiri otsatizana, omwe kunja kwawonetseratu kusinthika pang'ono chabe pa kapangidwe kameneka, adasinthika kupita kutsogolo kwakukulu, BT-8. Monga chojambula choyamba chachitsulo chosungiramo zitsulo, chomwe chinagwiritsidwa ntchito ndi US Army Air Corps, chinali ndi mapiko a mapiko aatali mamita 24.4 ndi mamita 36. Poyendetsedwa ndi 400-hp Pratt ndi Whitney R-985-11, ndege ya 4,050-mapaundi, yokhala ndi awiri, inali ndi mpweya 175 mph. Zamakumi atatu zinamangidwa. Izo zinawatsogolera ku mawu otsimikizika.

Poyambira ku Hangar 2 pa New Highway ndipo lero ikugwiritsidwa ntchito ndi Museum of American Airpower Museum, Seversky Aircraft Corporation inagonjetsa fakitale ya Grumman mu 1937 pamene idasamukira ku Bethpage, motero inali ndi malo awiri. Koma, pofotokozera mbiri yaifupi ya ogwira ntchito oyendetsa ndege a East Farmingdale, izi zinathera mwadzidzidzi: ngakhale Seversky, monga ena a "maginito," anali ndi luso lokonzekera kupanga ndege, Gawo la equation linkafunika kupanga ndondomeko yoyenera, ndi yopindulitsa, ndondomeko ya bizinesi kuti iwagulitse, zomwe zinapangitsa kuti madola 550,000 awonongeke mu April 1939. Pamene ankachita malonda ku Ulaya patapita miyezi isanu ndi umodzi, pa October 13, adathamangitsidwa ndi gulu lake lomwe a oyang'anira, omwe adasankha kuti achoke kuchoka ku kampani yomwe adayambitsa.

Inakonzedweratu, idatulutsidwa "Republic Aviation Corporation."

5. Republic Aviation Corporation:

Ndalama ya Fairchild Flying Field inali pafupi kusintha. Chifukwa cha nkhondo yachiwiri yapadziko lonse, bungwe loyamba la Republic Aviation Corporation lidzaphulika ndi kukula ndipo mizu yake idzakhazikitsidwa kwambiri mu nthaka ya Farmingdale kuti idzafike zaka makumi ambiri asanatsegulidwe.

Cholinga cha nkhondoyo chinali Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.

Kupambana ndi Seversky P-35, ndi zotsatira za nkhondo za Air Corps, zomwe zinaphatikizapo mphweya wa 400 mph, mpando wautali wa masentimita 25,000, mfuti zamtundu wa six.50, zida zotetezera zida, zida zokhazikika mabanki, ndi mafuta osachepera okwana makilogalamu 315.

Boma la P-47 Thunderbolt, lomwe linali lalikulu kwambiri pa ndege zina zonse, linali lalikulu kwambiri padziko lonse lapansi, lolemera kwambiri, la injini imodzi, lokhazikika pampando umodzi wokha, lomwe limapanga mpikisano wothamanga.

Kuwonjezeka kwa nkhanza za dzina loti "Republic Airport" kunachititsa kuti fakitale yomwe ilipo kumwera kwa Conklin Street, komanso kumanga nyumba zina zowonjezereka, kukhazikitsidwa kwa nsanja yolamulira, ndi kutalikitsa za momwe zilili panopa, zonse pofuna kuyesetsa kupanga P-47, zomwe zinagwira ntchito 9,087 ku Farmingdale zokha ndipo zinafunikanso kuti ntchito zoposa 24,000 zikwaniritsidwe m'chaka cha 1944. Ogwira ntchito akusankhidwa ndi zikwi tsiku lililonse. Mzere wozungulira wa ola limodzi umatulutsa ndege yotsirizika kuchokera ku fakitale nthawi iliyonse, ndipo izi zidakonzedwa ndi a Air Force Service Pilots, kapena WASPs. Republic Aviation, imodzi mwa mitsempha yodzitetezera ya dziko lino, inaponyera munthu ndi makina m'mapiri a Farmingdale ndi kuwasandutsa kukhala chida cha demokarasi mkati mwa miyezi 18.

"Pofika m'chaka cha 1945, dziko la Republic la Russia linapereka anthu oposa 30 peresenti ya asilikali a asilikali a nkhondo ku nkhondo ya Luftwaffe m'mlengalenga la ku Europe." Leroy E. Douglas analemba m'buku lake la "Conklin Street Cut-Off" lomwe linafalitsidwa mu September Nkhani ya 1984 ya Long Island Forum (tsamba 182). "Choncho, Republic, Ranger, ndi anthu 23,000 ogwira ntchito limodzi-oposa theka la akazi analipo-gawo lawo linapambana nkhondo."

Nkhondo yachiwiri yapadziko lonse itatseka, ndizinanso zomwe za fakitale ya Bingu, ndipo Republic inakakamizidwa kuti iwononge mitundu yonse ya zokolola zake mogwirizana ndi cholinga ndi kuikapo mphamvu, kutembenuza gulu la nkhondo la Douglas C-54 Skymasters kukhala maulendo a ndege a DC-4, opanga 1,059 Ndege ya amphibian ya Seabee, komanso kuyesa kupanga kayendetsedwe ka ndege.

Ndege yotsatila, utawaleza wa Republic XF-12 – pamodzi ndi Hughes XF-11, omwe ali ndi mpikisano wokondweretsa, komanso ovomerezeka, onse analandira mgwirizano wa awiri.

Kuwonetsa mizere yosangalatsa ya Lockheed Constellation, Rainbow, yomwe ili ndi kutalika kwa mtunda wa 93.9 ndipo ikuphatikizapo zojambula zomwe zinapangidwira pa chitukuko cha ndege cha Republican, zomwe zimaoneka ngati zomwe zimachitika ndi magazini ya Aviation Week ndi Space Technology pamene inati, "Mphuno lakuthwa komanso mtundu wa fodya wa XF-12 umakwaniritsa maloto a mlengi wa malingaliro osagwirizana ndi zilengedwe. "

Mtendere unatsimikizira mdani wa ndegeyo. Kutha kwa Nkhondo yachiwiri ya padziko lonse kunapangitsa kuti (komanso zofanana ndi za Hughes XF-11) zikhale zofunikira. Komabe, chifukwa cha kutalika kwake, kuthamanga kwapamwamba ndi -kulingalira, usana ndi usiku, kuthekera kosaoneka-kujambula chithunzi-chozindikiritsa, chinali chabwino ngati gawo la mapu. Inde, pa September 1, 1948, ndege yachiŵiri yokha yomwe inamangidwa idapanga njira yopita ku Air Force Flight Test mu Muroc, California, kupita ku Mitchell Field ku Garden City, Long Island, panthawi ya Opaleshoni ya Birds Eye.

Kubwerera ku mizu yake ya usilikali, Republic inalowa nthawi yoyera-jet ndi wolowa m'malo mwa P-47.

Pogwiritsa ntchito kutalika kwa mamita 37.5, kapangidwe kamene kanapangidwa posachedwa nkhondo isanayambe mu 1944, inapitiriza mapiko owongoka okhudzana ndi ndege zowonongeka. Izi zinaphatikizapo mamita 36.5.

Poyamba, pa February 28, 1946, woponya mabomba okwana mapaundi 19,689, amene amachititsa kuti F-84 Thunderjet akwanitse kukwera pamtunda wa 4,210-fpm, anakhazikitsa liwiro lapamwamba la 611 mph, lomwe lili ndi mphamvu ya 3,750-pound J35- GE-7. Malo ake anali amtunda 1,282 ndipo denga lake linali utumiki wa mamita 40,750. Zomwe zinapangidwa zinali pafupifupi mayina 4,455.

Kupititsa patsogolo kwa woloŵa m'maloyo kunayamba mu 1949. Chifukwa cha kuchepa kwa ndalama kwa Air Force, Republic inachepetsa ndalama zothandizira chitukuko mwa kusunga zinthu zofanana, peresenti ya 60 peresenti, ndi F-84, koma inayambitsa mapiko osweka. Ndegeyi, yomwe imayendetsedwa ndi injini ya 4,200 thrust-pound Allison XJ35-A-25 injini yomwe poyamba idasankhidwa YF-96A, inayamba ulendo wake pa June 3 chaka chotsatira, miyezi itatu isanatchedwenso F-84F Thunderstreak.

Kuwonjezeka kwa ndalama ku Korea kunapangitsa kuti Republic ikhazikike kachiwiri, yomwe inayamba pa February 14, 1951 ndi injini ya YJ65-W-1, ndipo inatsatiridwa ndi chitsanzo choyamba, chomwe chinapita kumwamba pa November 22, 1952. Mtunduwu unayendetsedwa ndi mayiko a NATO pa Cold War.

Ma F-84F Thunderstreak anapanga ndege 2,713.

Komabe, Ken Neubeck ndi Leroy E. Douglas mwachidule amapanga ndege za Republican pogwiritsa ntchito buku lawo, Airplane Manufacturing ku Farmingdale (pp. 7-8). "Pamene ndege zinkanyamula ku Farmingdale ndi ma triplanes ndi ma biplanes ndi ma injini, pambuyo pa nkhondo yachiwiri ya padziko lonse Republic inathandizira kuti United States ikhale ndi zaka zapakati pa F-84 ndi F-84F, zomwe zinathandiza asilikali a ku Korea ndi mayiko a NATO m'ma 1950s. "

6. Fairchild Republic Corporation

Ngakhale Fairchild adachoka pa ndege yomwe idakhazikitsidwa mu 1931, kusakhalako kunali kanthawi kochepa. Kubwereranso zaka zitatu pambuyo pake, idakhala mu fakitale yake yoyamba ya injini monga Ranger Aircraft ndi Engine Corporation yomwe idangoyambidwa kumene ndipo idakhala komweko mpaka 1948. Koma, kachiwiri, mbiri inali kudzadzaza.

Atatenga Hiller Helicopters patapita zaka zisanu ndi zinayi, idakhala Fairchild Hiller, ndipo mu July 1965, idagula dziko lonse la Republic, ndipo linayambitsa Republic Aviation Division ya Fairchild Hiller. Fairchild adabwerera ku nthaka yomwe idabzala mbewu zake zoyamba. Mu 1971, idapitilira kugula kwake, kugula Swearingen ndi kupanga ndi kugulitsa anthu okwera 19, othamanga ndi maulendo awiri a Fairchild-Swearingen. Chaka chotsatira, kampaniyo inalandira dzina la "Fairchild Republic".

Kukonzekera kwake, kulingalira pamaso pa republic Republic, kunapatsidwa kubadwa ndi mphamvu ya Air Force kwa ndege zowonjezera zowonjezera zomwe zimaphatikizapo kuphweka, kukonzanso kosamalidwa, ndi ntchito yochepa, kuti agwire ntchito kuchokera kuzing'ono zazing'ono zakumwera pafupi ndi nkhondo mzere.

Dongosolo la A-10 Lachiwiri ndipo likukondwera ndi 733, linathandiza kwambiri mu Gulf War komanso pa Operation Iraqi Freedom.

7. Kukonzekera kwa Nkhondo Zotsitsimula:

Ngakhale ndege ya Republic ndi makampani ake oyendetsa ndege anali atagwirizanitsidwa ndi kupanga ndi kupanga ndege zamagulu, magulu angapo ochita zamalonda ndi magulu a malo omwe adatuluka kuchokera kumakomo ake.

Mwachitsanzo, ku Boeing 747, kunali mapulaneti otsogolera, oyendetsa zinthu, opanga katundu, ndi maulendo omangidwa ndi gulu la Republic ofviation Aviation Fairchild Hiller, komanso analandira mgwirizano kuti achite nawo zomwezo, koma analetsedwa, supersonic 2707 ndege.

Zomwe zinagwirizanitsidwa ndi Space Shuttle zinali Fairchild Republic zigawo za Farmingdale.

Atapereka mgwirizano wokwana madola 13 miliyoni ndi Rockwell International ku Los Angeles pa March 29, 1973, Fairchild Hiller inakonza ndi kupanga sitailesi yowononga mchira, yomwe idapanga mpata wa 45 digitala ndi mamita 27 kutalika mamita 22, ku Hangar 17, pamodzi ndi zibwenzi zawo zomwe zimagwirizanitsa ndi speedbrakes. Yoyamba, yoikidwa pa Galimoto Yogulitsa Galimoto, inachititsa kuti kuyambika kwa mlengalenga kumalo okwera 747 ku nkhumba ku Edwards Air Force Base pa February 18, 1977, pamene ena adakwera pa Space shuttles Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, ndi Endeavor.

Kupititsa patsogolo kayendetsedwe ka ndege pamsewu wotchedwa Swearingen Metro, Fairchild Republic inasaina pangano ndi Saab-Scania wa Sweden pa January 25, 1980 kuti atsegule SF-340, zomwe zinayamba kukhala mgwirizano weniweni pakati pa opanga ndege za US ndi European. Republic of Fairchild inagwiridwa kuti ipange mapiko ake, injini nacelles, ndi malo ozungulira ndi ofunika, ndipo pamsonkhano womaliza udzachitika ku Sweden.

Fairchild Swearingen anapatsidwa udindo wotsatsa malonda ku North America, pomwe kampani ina ya ku Sweden, Saab-Fairchild HB, inakhazikitsa ofesi ku Paris kukwaniritsa ntchitoyi kwina.

Poyendetsedwa ndi makina awiri a turboprop, ndegeyi inakwera anthu okwera 34 okonza zinthu zinayi ndikatikatikati.

Koma atatsiriza mapepala 100 a mapiko, Fairchild anathetsa ntchito yake pamsonkhanowu, kuchoka kuntchito zonse zapachiŵeniŵeni, ndipo ndegeyo idasinthiranso Saab 340.

8. Kusintha ntchito:

Pambuyo pa chigoba cha umwini pa March 31, 1969, Republic Airport inayendetsedwa ndi Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), yomwe idapitiriza kusandulika kukhala bungwe la anthu ogwiritsira ntchito anthu popeza mahekitala 94 pafupi ndi boma la US ndikugula 115 zina mwayekha omwe ali a kum'mwera ndi kum'mwera chakumadzulo.

"The Metropolitan Transportation Authority inatenga udindo ku Republic Airport ngati gawo loyamba loti likhale loyendetsa ndege (munda)," malinga ndi Long Island-Republic Airport Historical Society.

Poyambitsa ndondomeko yamakono, idapanga kusintha kambiri. Kuwala kwapamwamba kunayikidwa pa mtunda wa 5,516-footway 1-19 ndi 6,827-footway 14-32, mwachitsanzo, kumapeto kwake komweku kunalinso ndi zipangizo zoyendetsera zipangizo (ILS). Fulton Truck Factory, malo oyambirira a ndege a chibwibwi kuyambira mu 1916, anawonongedwa, pamene Flightways inasintha malo okwana maekala khumi kumpoto kwa Route 109 kupita kumalo atsopano a hangars, nyumba za maofesi, matanki osungirako mafuta, ndi magalimoto a ndege . Ntchito yomangamanga, yomangamanga, ndi yokonzanso inatsegulidwa mu 1983, osati patali, ndipo posakhalitsa, ntchito yoyendetsa ndege ya $ 1.2 miliyoni, $ 2.2 miliyoni.

Pofuna kulimbikitsa chitukuko chachuma cha dera loyandikana nalo, malamulo a New York State anasintha umwini, kwachitatu, kupita ku New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) pa April 1, 1983, omwe analangizidwa ndi bungwe la Republic of New York Komiti. Izo sizinathetseretu kukula kwa nyengo zamakono.

Inde, zaka zisanu ndi zitatu pambuyo pake, Grumman Corporate Hangar ya $ 3.5 miliyoni, 25,500 mamitala 600, m'malo mwa malo osungirako ndege omwe anali atasungidwa kale pamtunda wake wotsekedwa wotsekedwa ndipo tsopano akumanga Beechcraft King Air, Gulfstream I, ndi British Aerospace BAe- 125-800s, adatsegulidwa.

Mu April 1993, nthaka idasweka kwa $ 3.3 miliyoni, SUNY Farmingdale Aerospace Education Center kumbali yakummawa kwa Route 110.

Miliyoni miliyoni Air, yomwe imathandizidwa ndi Executive Air Support, inakhazikitsa Air Airline ndi 11,700 square foot, yomwe ili pamtunda wa ndege, ndipo pofika chaka cha 2001, Air East inayamba kugwira ntchito, yatsopano, yotentha kwambiri, Sitima yapamtunda, yomwe idaphatikizapo sitolo 2,500-foot-foot and office 4,500-foot-foot and school of flight. Koma malo ena a hangar ndi ofesi, omwe ali Lambert, adatsegula zitseko mu June 2005 pamene kampani ya charity Talon Air inayamba ntchito.

Pofuna kupereka chithandizo chowonjezereka chofunika kwambiri ndi jets zatsopano zamakampani, monga Gulfstream V ndi Bombardier Global Express, b B-Bravo) adasamutsidwa.

Ndipotu, zoposa $ 18 miliyoni zakhala zikuwonjezeka kuyambira 2000 okha.

Zowonjezera izi, kupereka malo oyendetsa ndege kuntchito yake yatsopano, kuyendetsa ndege, mwinamwake kukhala chithunzithunzi cha zinthu zikubwera.

Mu 1982, Fairchild Republic inapangana mgwirizano wokonza ma jets awiri ophunzitsira ndege a Air Force T-46A; koma, chofunika kwambiri, chomwe poyamba chinkawonedwa ngati ndalama, chinangopangitsa kuti zisinthe: ngakhale kuti chipangizocho chinayambitsidwa zaka zitatu pambuyo pake, chinalibe magawo 1,200, ndipo ngakhale kuti wachiwiriyo anapanga ulendo wa mphindi 24 mu July wa 1986, mgwirizano wa pulogalamuyi, wodzaza ndi kutsutsana, unaletsedwa, ndipo unachititsa kuti ntchito zothandizira anthu 500 zichoke.

Monga makampani ambiri omwe amadalira mgwirizano wa usilikali kuti apulumuke, Fairchild Republic, popanda chosankha, inatha kukhalapo chaka chotsatira, kusiya mafakitale ake omwe anali atayamba kale zaka makumi asanu ndi limodzi m'mbuyo mwake. Chodabwitsa, mayina awiri omwe adagwira ntchito kwambiri paulendo wa ndege ndi kukula-Fairchild ndi Republic-anali awiri omwe anali atagonjetsedwa. Zitseko za ndege ya Farmingdale makamaka yopanga ndege ndi sukulu yoyesera motsekedwa motero, ndipo izo zowatsegulira ndege yoyendetsa ndege.

"Ndi kampani yomwe ikukumana ndi mavuto akuluakulu azachuma mu 1986-1987 komanso chifukwa cha kusowa thandizo kwa pulogalamu ya T-46A ku Congress, Fairchild inathetsa kupanga SF-340 ndi T-46A pambuyo pomanga ndege zinayi zokha," anatero Ken Neubeck. ndi Leroy E. Douglas mu Manufacturing Airplane ku Farmingdale (tsamba 99). "Choncho, kumapeto kwa 1987, zaka makumi asanu ndi ziwiri za kupanga ndege ku Farmingdale zinatha ndi ntchito ndi kusowa kwachuma kwa anthu ammudzi komanso ku New York."

9. Ndege Yothandiza:

Mu 1966, chaka chotsatira mwini wa Republic Airport atachotsedwa ku Fairchild Hiller kupita ku Farmingdale Corporation, adasankhidwa kuti apange malo oyendetsa ndege (aviation) omwe akuyendetsa dziko loyamba, la Beechcraft lomwe linagwiritsidwa ntchito ndi Ramey Air Service ku Islip, pa December 7. Kuti mutembenuzire kukhala chipatala poyendetsa maulendo a ndege pamakampani akuluakulu atatu a New York, Metropolitan Transportation Authority inagwirizana ndi Air Spur kuti ipereke ntchito yowonjezerayi kwa zaka zinayi, ndikuyesa $ 12 zapadera.

Ngakhale kuti Republic sanayambe kuwonedwa ngati malo akuluakulu a zamalonda, yomwe ili pakatikati pa chilumba cha Long Island, pafupi ndi njira ya 110, ndi njira zowonongeka zowonjezereka, zinakhazikitsa ntchito yochepa, yokonzekera komanso yothandizira ntchito zamalonda ndi malo osungirako alendo m'madera oyandikana nawo. Komatu ntchito yake yochepetsera ntchitoyi inalembedwa mosapita m'mbali mu 2000 Republic Airport Master Plan Update.

"Ku Republic Airport," inafotokozera (Chaputala 3, p.8), "Dipatimenti ya New York State Department of Transportation inayendetsera kulemera kwake kwa ndege zokwana mapaundi 60,000 mu 1984. Kulepheretsa kulemera kwake kumapangitsa kuti ndege zitha kupitirira mapaundi 60,000 popanda chilolezo cholembedwa cha woyendetsa ndege. "

"Malingaliro amasonyeza kuti padzakhala kuwonjezeka kwa ndege zowonongeka ku Republic Airport," Pulogalamu ya Master Plan inati, "kuphatikizapo kuwonjezeka kwa kayendetsedwe ka jet," monga potsirizira pake kutsimikiziridwa ndi ziŵerengero zoyendetsa ndege zoyera: 2,792 m'chaka cha 1986, 4,056 mu 1990, 4,976 mu 1995, ndi 6,916 m'chaka cha 1998. Ndipo, pa ndege zowonongeka za pachaka-pafupifupi 500-gawoli linalinso likukula mofulumira: ndege 10 ndege mu 1985, 15 mu 1995, ndi 20 mu 1998. Nambala imeneyo yakhala ikuposa kawiri.

Chimodzi mwa zoyesayesa zoyendetsa ndegeyi chinapangidwa mu 1978 pamene Cosmopolitan Airlines, yomwe inagwira ntchito ku Finnair Convair CV-340, ndi awiri omwe anali a Swissair CV-440 Metropolitans omwe ali ndi gawo limodzi, lokhazikika, Mapulogalamu aday-day, omwe angakonzedwenso kupita ku Atlantic City kuchokera ku bungwe la Skymop Sky. Mbalame yake inalangiza kuti: "Fikirani ku Atlantic City kwa $ 19.95 basi. Momwemo zimagwirira ntchito: Lembani $ 44.95 pa tikiti yopulumukira ku Atlantic City, kuphatikizapo maulendo apansi kupita ku Claridge Hotel ndi Casino. , mudzalandira ndalama zokwana madola 20.00 pamadyerero aliwonse kupatula pa London Pavilion. Mudzalandire ndalama zokwana $ 5.00 za ngongole yokwera ndege kuti mukamenyane ndi Claridge ndi Cosmopolitan Airlines. "

Wothandizirayo adayesetsa kupereka kawirikawiri maulendo awiri a tsiku ndi tsiku ku Boston pa 52-CV-440s akuthawa mu 1980.

Kukonzekera kukonzekera kwa ntchitoyi kunamangidwa ndikukonzekera woyendetsa galimoto.

"Nyumba yosungiramo nyumba yomaliza, yomaliza mu 1983, ili ndi malo okwana masentimita 50,000 ogwiritsira ntchito malo oyendetsa ndege, kukonza moto, chitetezo cha moto, malo osungirako anthu, komanso malo ogulitsa pa malo oyambirira, kuphatikizapo maofesi olamulira pa chipinda chachiwiri. Ogwira ntchito 70 amagwira ntchito yomanga nyumbayi, "malinga ndi ndondomeko ya 2000 Republic Airport Master Plan (Chaputala 1, tsamba 17).

Poyesa kukhazikitsa mgwirizano pakati pa Farmingdale ndi ndege yaikulu ya New York ku Newark, kuti apereke chakudya, PBA Provincetown Boston Airline inayamba ntchito yotsegula ndi ndege ya Cessna C-402, yomwe ikugwirizanitsa Long Island ndi mphindi 30 Ikani ndi maulendo asanu tsiku ndi tsiku ndikugwirizanitsa ndondomeko ndi PEOPLExpress Airlines. Iko kunalengeza kupewa kwa nthawi yochuluka, kuyendetsa galimoto, ndi zofuna zowonjezera zomwe zimagwirizanitsidwa ndi kugwiritsidwa ntchito kwakukulu-ndege, ndipo zimapereka mwayi wodula mitengo, mpikisano, ndi katundu wonyamulira kwa aliyense PEOPLExpress kumapeto kwake.

Malinga ndi nthawi yake ya June 20, 1986 ya Northern System, inapereka Farmingdale maulendo pa 0700, 0950, 1200, 1445, ndi 1755.

Pemphani posakhalitsa kufunika kuti m'malo mwa C-402 mukhale ndi malo akuluakulu okwanira 19, omwe ndi Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante.

Zonsezi, zosavuta, zomwe zimakonzedweratu, zosokoneza nkhawa za anthu a komweko kuti dziko la Republic lidzasanduka ndege yayikulu ya zamalonda ndikumveka phokoso la makutu oyandikana nawo, silingathe kukopa magalimoto omwe amafunika kuwathandiza, kutsindika zinthu zingapo za ndege.

1). Republic nthawi zonse imagwirizanitsidwa ndi ntchito, komanso yosakonzedweratu, ntchito kumapeto kwa mbiri yake.

2). Long Island MacArthur anali atakhazikitsidwa kale ngati malo osungirako malonda pachilumbachi, ndipo ogulitsa katundu, monga momwe adawonetsedwera ndi Precision / Northwest Airlink, sanapeze phindu potsatsa malonda omwewo, komabe akukhala ndi ndege yowonjezera komanso ndalama zogwirira ntchito kuti achite zimenezo.

"Boma la Republic Republic lakhala likugwira ntchito ndi ndege zosiyanasiyana zamtundu wa ndege ndipo aliyense wasiya ntchito …," molingana ndi 2000 Republic Airport Master Plan Update. "Malo osungirako makampani otha kuyendetsa sitimayo amalephera, kumadera ena, akuganizira mabwalo akuluakulu a ndege, monga La Guardia, Kennedy, MacArthur ndi ntchito yomwe amapereka."

"Kuyambira m'chaka cha 1969, Republic Airport yakhala ikufuna malo oyendetsa ndege kuzipinda zapadera ndi bizinesi, komanso kayendedwe ka kayendetsedwe ka kayendetsedwe ka kayendetsedwe ka kayendetsedwe ka ndege," inatero (Chaputala 1, tsamba 1). "Popeza Republic lili pakati pa chitukuko, malo ogulitsa, ndi mafakitale, udindo wawo ndi wosiyana ndi wa ndege ya ndege yopangira ndege."

Pomwe chiwerengero cha anthu okwera pachaka chinawonjezereka-kuyambira 13,748 mu 1985 ndi 30,564 mu 1990 kufika 33,854 mu 1995-ntchito yake yotsutsana ndi kayendetsedwe ka mtsogolo sichikanatha kuthetsedwa.

"Ngakhale kuti oyendetsa ndege oyendetsa sitima zapamtunda sanayambe kuchita bwino, padzakhala mwayi wothandiza msonkhano wamtsogolo ndipo ziyenera kuganiziridwa pokonzekera ndege," inatsiriza (Chaputala 2, p. 10).

10. Tsogolo:

Mosiyana ndi Roosevelt ndi minda ya Glenn Curtiss, yomwe idakumana ndi zovuta zamakono ndipo idasokoneza njira zawo zogula malonda, Republica 526 inangopereka gawo lochepa ku Airport Plaza Shopping Center. Zida zamakono oyendetsa ndege ndi nkhondo ya ku Korea, Vietnam, Gulf, ndi Iraq, idasandulika kukhala malo okwera ndege, kukwera ndege ndi 546 ndikukhala ndege yaikulu yachitatu ku New York yomwe ikuyenda pambuyo pa JFK International ndi La Guardia.

Kulipira ngongole ngati "airbridge yothandizira chuma cha Long Island chazaka za m'ma 2100," malowa akumadzulo kwambiri a Long Island akuluakulu apamadzi amayang'anira ntchito 1,370 ndi $ 139.6 miliyoni, zomwe zimathandiza mabizinesi 60 pa-ndege. Mapulogalamu 110,974 omwe analembedwa mu 2008 anaphatikizapo 52 ndi maulendo osagwedera, 7,120 ndi mapiko a rotary, 76,236 ndi pistoni imodzi, 6,310 ndi mapini-pistoni, 5,028 ndi turboprops, ndi 16,228 ndi jets oyera. The latter, its second-highest total, emphasizes its increasing role as the "Teterboro of Long Island," perhaps pointing the way to its future. Indeed, companies considering the area for their corporate locations cite the airport as a major asset, since it provides close-proximity aerial access for personnel and materials.

Toward that end, the State of New York approved funding in April of 2009 for a Vision Planning process to collect data from residents, employees, businesses, and users, and then plot its future course. Specifically, the program had a three-fold purpose-namely, to define the airport's role, to determine how it will fill that role, and, finally, to ascertain how it will work with the community to attain the desired operational and economic goals.

"As part of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS), Republic Airport is designated as a reliever airport with commercial service," according to the 2000 Republic Airport Master Plan Update (Chapter 1, p. 1). "Under ownership by the New York State Department of Transportation, there are specific state development and policy procedures which are followed."

Although it may never eclipse its current general aviation role, its importance was not to be underestimated.

""Republic Airport is an important regional asset," it stated (Chapter 1, p. 1). "It provides significant transportation and economic benefits to both Suffolk and Nassau counties. The policy of the New York State Department of Transportation and the Republic Airport Commission shall be that Republic Airport continue to better serve Long Island."

Whatever the future holds for it, it has a nine-decade foundation upon which to base it, as acknowledged by the plaque hung in the passenger terminal by the Long Island-Republic Airport Historical Society, "honor(ing) the tens of thousands of men and women who labored here in East Farmingdale, contributing significantly to aviation technology and aircraft production." Those men and woman turned the wheels of the 11 aviation companies based there.


Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society website.

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What Is the difference between the Charter aircraft and the aircraft?


When you & # 39; re the additional option, additional flight, you need to know what is the charter plane like?. Flight charter is very different from aircraft. If you want to benefit more from your flying experience, you need to understand the difference between a charter plane and a real commercial aircraft.

A commercial auction only has a plan and has a business company. This means you have to follow the plan. This will not only fit your goals, but also your business. A charter aircraft has a private company. These companies will visit & # 39; are recognized by a special person and are being taught about the place that the person wants to fly. Aircraft will be used on the day it will be scheduled and run to the place you want. This will help you if you need to go quickly or if you have a problem that is urgent.

Special aircraft and corporations are offering you a fascinating job that your commercial aircraft cannot give you. If you are in a hurry and you need to go to the site immediately, you can order a flight of charter taxi. Just like a taxi crashing down the road, this ministry is now in heaven. Some aircraft take this exciting job – all you need to do is give them a phone and they will give you an airplane to get you to your destination.

You can enjoy a lot of fun using a charter flight. Commerce travels are designed to take as many people as possible to their home. This usually means a lack of space and, of course, the seats that are really good for children & # 39; see & # 39; As you seek more information, you need to select a flight. M & # 39; a compulsory site to climb up above the people and crash into your chair and just # 39; The flight & # 39; view is a yaing & # 39; more than a commercial plane that means there are fewer chairs. After that, you can become m & # 39; lonely places when you are available and the owner of the air. Planets also travel to places where commerce cannot arrive. This is because a borrower is a & # 39; more expensive than a commercial aircraft and may be less than a few miles away.

Whether you choose an airplane or a plane for you, it is for you. In the end, you will find a lot of personal and private work on a charter plane than a commercial plane. A special flight is the only way to navigate the image, quickly and easily.


The Most Causes of Flight Alerts are & # 39; onozing & # 39;


Many people are afraid of flying. Some people even refuse to put a foot on a plane and in their place they choose to drive a long distance in & # 39; if they have to be somewhere else. The most amazing thing about avoiding a large flight is that there are too few to die in a car accident, especially if you are traveling long distances as long as you are traveling. The only time the fear of escaping really is logical and when flying in the aircraft & # 39; onozing & # 39;

Even though you can't get out of danger by boarding a big airplane, if you often fly out of the plane or fly on a plane and # 39; onozing & # 39; Because a small flight is very dangerous, pilots are only required to do so. The error & # 39; error for the pilot can cause serious damage. Because of the widespread accidents of the aircraft, the pilot is responsible for the unethical behavior that makes the plane crash and that it can be convicted of a life-threatening injury or death of a sick person, or as a plane on a helicopter, everyone in a plane crashed or killed .

Why a Skin Crisis Airplanes

Reasons for the accident due to injury or death include:

– This run-off error includes making a bad choice on the operator's event as a bad weather, coming or visiting & # 39;

– Wrong devices – the owner of the aircraft to ensure that the road beaches are part of the road before they leave

– Violations of the FAA-rules are available for everyone to live in the air and survive and must carefully follow them.

– Software or construction – these are complex by planners who choose to fly their plane or build their aircraft.

– The error of the car dealer

– Third-party caregiver not to ignore

– Care or maintenance of carelessness

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