Green Oil in Blue Sky

[ad_1] Planets have petroleum fuel known as fuel fuel fuel. Airplane oil is much better than fuel used for heat or traffic. Additional fuel fuel aircraft is used to reduce explosion due to high temperatures or even cold. It is important, in view of the damage and airplane supplement, knowing that the fule aircraft is […]

The Boeing 747: End of Era

[ad_1] Boeing 747, often referred to as "Jumbo Jet," was an incredible marketing experience. The first international airplane that produced, called the “Queen of Darkness,” boasted over the highway, and some people who have been inadequate for many years. The work of 747-100 that entered the first 1970s and, now, useless, PanAm. The 200 tree […]

Sex in Cessna, Part III

[ad_1] At the moment we have learned the safety of an airplane in an unknown location, with the driver and away from other vehicles. Now we are explaining a sexually transmitted area, which will help you to stay in flight without hindrance. Remember to fly the plane first and complain again about your sexual relationship. […]

Rewarding for the aircraft after the plane crash

[ad_1] Almost every airplane, whether in the United States or overseas, has a long time at this time. Even the spreading of airplanes can make it seem more common, but it is important to know that major aircraft crashes occur and spread the message; if that was the same as the car crash, the movie […]