Ndizokondweretsa Mwamsanga ndi Kuphweka Kupanga Ndege Zabwino Kwambiri

Aliyense angaphunzire kupanga mapepala pomvera tsatanetsatane ndizotsatira. Pepala lililonse lingagwiritsidwe ntchito. Mutatha kumaliza mapepala a mapepala mukhoza kuwakongoletsa m'njira iliyonse yomwe mungakonde. Anthu amasangalala akamaphunzira kuti pali dzina la ndege iliyonse. Ndipotu, ngati mutatsatira malangizo omwe ali m'munsimu ndege zamapepala zidzatha! Mudzakhala ndi zosangalatsa zokhala ndi Dart Floating, Flying Falcon ndi Rocking Gym Bird. Choyamba, […]

Flex Mapiko Vs. Ultralight Airplanes

More than a hundred years ago, even before the Wright Brothers started their first visit, several authors tried to fly aircraft. Most of their flights have been surprising, surprising or unexpected that can not fly even mysteriously. Some have been similar to the Wrights & # 39; Flyer, which has a strong wing. When the […]

Sale and Auction

If you are a plane and you like to fly in a plane and airplane, then maybe you think of the business of the auctioneer is collecting a low salary. This is not too difficult for business and it will give you more time to fly and enjoy it. In addition, you can fly all […]

Creating Radio Antenna For Your Airplane Airplanes

Learning to make special journeys includes patience and dedication but with hard work, the following is a miracle. Nowadays, many people – from children to adults are doing this work. Before you start the flight, it is important to find out more about the first flight. You can find evidence to make. You will create […]

Understand how aircraft works

Most people are less concerned about how the air travels when they move. They just believe they'll do his thing, and get them to where they're going. Even the physics of the airplane can be complex, essential and easy. An important part of an airplane is wings. His unique appearance is the one that gives […]

RC Flight Auctions

RC Flight Auctions RC aircraft provide a lot of time for any beloved aircraft. If the aircraft ends, flies move around without any harm, then the work is sufficient. However, there are lovers who want their aircraft to be the best, and some who want to know what is shaking, circling or shaking are. For […]