Spirit Airlines: Revolutionizing the Aviation Industry with Innovation

The airline industry is a tough place to survive, changing customer orders and competitive prices has become a way out of the box. Some carriers have acupuncture and organic food to help their customers, while others like Spirit Airlines have mastered the art of packing luxury flight boats to burn a hole in their pocket. From the introduction of virus marketing advertising campaigns to the use of canned wines, you will see airlines launch innovation in all aspects. The great thing about Spirit Airlines is that they can leverage the services they require from their customers – that is, you only have to pay for what you value. These are some of the factors that have helped carriers revolutionize the aircraft industry.

• Cheap and affordable flights: Low prices are the biggest advantage of Spirit Airliner. In addition to American carriers, it offers customers a broad network of airlines, offering more than 50 destinations across the US, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. The costs are low, the network is good, and the luxuries are addictive. What more can the traveler ask for?

• Exciting Flight Diner: Spirit Airlines offers an exciting palate of snacks and meals for customers to define a new level of dining experience. Leading the innovation divide, the company also introduced canned wine to its customers. From red sangria, strawberry musk to rose moscato, airlines offer a variety of flavors at affordable prices. Travelers need to spend $ 7 for a can and $ 16 for three cans.

• Environmentally friendly: Spirit Airlines understands its contribution to the environment and uses the most modern fleets and configurations to ensure that it consumes much less fuel compared to its competitors. So flying with Spirit Airlines is not only affordable and luxurious, it is also environmentally friendly.

• Relaxing and comfortable experience: Ensures the carrier has a guaranteed time off to relax. The seats are designed for your comfort and have adjustable support, leg room and ample seating. Passengers can also request seats with additional seating, paying a fraction more. Remember comfort is never a concern with Spirit Airlines.

• Amazing Advertising Campaign: The airline believes you are not happy to capture the customer's interests. One of the only airlines to implement a successful airline and shock marketing campaign, competitors have shown that innovation can go a long way in connecting with passengers. At the time of the presidential debate, from creating campaigns for Mitt Romney to promoting the quirky campaign about celebrity sportsman Alex Rodriguez, the airline doesn't know how to get some eye balls.

So, if you are looking for a cost effective and luxurious airline experience, booking with Spirit Airlines should be done in the right direction. It has great dining, comfortable seating and environmentally friendly. No better than that!