Cancellation and refund of humanitarian flights


Many people have been asking me how the cancellation and refund process works with humanitarian flights. I have used this for all adoption families and other people involved in humanitarian flight cancellation and refund issues, so I hope to help them answer here. Some of the benefits of using a humanitarian ticket include that these flights can be refunded, minus airline fines and fees, if you need to cancel your flight before the departure date. Most flights on the Internet are non-refundable, but humanitarian flights are not in this category.

Unlike most flights, mission and humanitarian flights can be refunded, minus airline fines and fees, if you need to cancel and request a refund. These are not a total refund of 100% of the flight cost, but they do help a lot because most other flights are non-refundable. There are many other benefits to using a humanitarian ticket. Humanitarian flights can be changed, usually without a fine from the airline for the first change after departure, so the cost of the change is much lower than changing the regular flight you will find. In addition, since humanitarian flights can only be accessed by missionaries and adoptive travel agents, you can also get better services than using online travel engines to purchase flights.

The cancellation process for humanitarian and mission flights may take approximately six weeks before you can see that the refund has been returned to your credit card. However, many people noticed that their refunds occurred within two to three weeks of leaving the airline. There are a variety of fees and credit lines for any such refunds. In many cases, you will need to add up the fees and credits, which should equal the refund amount you reimburse.

Sometimes, for various reasons, adopting families need to cancel the return portion of their flight and rebook with other airlines in the future. This is a family thank you very much for the availability of humanitarian flights and published flights. Humanitarian flights can be refunded, even if only returned. This is always a partial refund, minus airline fines and fees, but it still helps to preserve the losses that might have been caused.

In general, families using humanitarian flights, especially those who adopt travel, will be very satisfied if they need to change their return date. Sometimes unpredictable situations can cause families to be forced to cancel their toll travel flights, and when these things happen, they are always very grateful to them for using humanitarian flights instead of anything they book.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions!

Travel safely!

Tabitha Lovell, International Travel Manager