Charter flights – dining options


Filet Mignon, Seared Duck Breast, Chilean Sea Bass, CrèmeBrulee… This sweet comic strip may evoke the image of a four-star restaurant. However, it is actually just a sample of the menus on recent charter flights from New York to Seattle. This is a far cry from the traditional peanut bags offered to commercial airline customers. The chefs who cater to the charter really take cooking and service to new heights.

Charter flights – How about food?


A recent complaint about a major airline's blog involved a "dining experience." The couple were clearly thought to be offering a dinner service on the plane and found that not only the quality of the food was problematic but also the extra cost, they were very disappointed. This meal. These problems, combined with the actual service of the meal – consisting of busy flight attendants who seem to have no time or interest in the food needs of the passengers – actually led the couple to move in the direction of the charter experience. They now report complete satisfaction with charter services and dietary quality – not surprising.

Charter flights – more food for Bach "bang"


For those who are concerned about pricing, the meal cost of a charter flight is equivalent to the cost of enjoying the same fee at a good restaurant. For example, a customer on a charter flight can pay the above mentioned Fillet Mignon Sandwich for about $30.00, while the Lobster Bisque is about $13.00. Of course, the price is variable, depending on the menu and the restaurant company. There is an additional charge for the dining service. This includes not only the actual waiters and waiters, but also cutlery, glassware, silverware, napkins and more. Tips and gratuities should also be included in the travel budget; however, it is best to check with the charter operator or broker in advance to ensure that tipping staff are allowed.

As with other facilities, the menu for charter flights must be as close as possible to the booking time to ensure a satisfactory experience. At this stage of negotiations, provisions for drinks and snacks should also be considered. Although these foods can be provided by catering companies, many customers prefer to bring their own – this can save additional costs. Jet charter brokers can provide valuable assistance to those considering a charter service. Not only will they discuss menus and dining options, but they will also negotiate contracts and pricing.

One of the many benefits of choosing a charter is the opportunity to taste the food. With so many food choices now, charter customers can almost guarantee an exemplary dining experience. Meal on-board does not have to start and end with a bag of peanuts or chips. Well-trained staff, delicious food and the highest level of service prove that jet charters are the best choice for those who need a more refined travel experience.