Airplane Airplane Wrecks M & # 39; Our First Generation Changes


The new commercial Jet and Bombardier, The Legacy 500, have an air of fresh air & # 39; As soon as I saw this, I was surprised that it was something I thought was right. Airplanes are used because the aircraft is used on the aircraft. So you can push up on the hardware with a wonderful power without injuring the airplane. It is a perfect place with a beautiful and elegant appearance.

The only problem is that when you get into aircraft, you have to do the same. However, imagine if a taxi is running out is required to climb elsewhere, so it will have a large camber on the edge of the wings or top of it to increase its weight. Once you are walking around quickly, you need wings & # 39; ono & # 39; see, lower number, and extra shape.

M & # 39; all these future events will be eliminated by the wingless wings, but we do not have the mechanisms that are designed to make the wings change its shape to take the highest dimensions, then later. Until we get there, more air at the top floor makes more wisdom. In addition, it can turn around and be used as soon as the flight gets. Or it can be used to halt the air to push the airplane into the air during the removal. By using the storage software, we can determine how much shape and size it can use to operate, and which would take time to remove and run the flight. Then the engine can repeat the tools with the ground floor.

There is a lot of security that comes with such things as slump, slowdown, better use and less fuel, and greater weight. All of these are important for the airplane, but also protect against wear and tires, and provide an opportunity for protection from frequent errors. Why can't all working airplanes catch this? And, why would it not be possible that some open doors could be the same as the same paper, or the true fists?

Why not use the components that come out of slipstream for our benefit, m & # 39; Remember, as we talk about all the aircraft, they are arguing, and we want to make the most important of all the needs that we need in the airline of the aircraft. Yes, I hope that you can discuss all of this, agreeing to criticize new innovative technologies and electronics.