Testing Tools for Useful Materials: Vehicle Testing for Thermo Scientific Lightning System


Airframe artists, such as planes and aircraft, have to follow the process of managing government and industries to ensure that the aircraft can cope with the storms.

Much research has been done to determine how lightning affects electrical appliances and supplements. Now n & # 39; possible to display the correct lightning hit inside the lab testing, for all components and airframes.

The practice being tested by the RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics), and the modernization process is a DO-160G; the section used for experimenting with lightning and phase 22. The levels continue to be reinforced to be accountable for changes in working patterns, and changes in weather patterns.

The Thermal Scientific ECAT Lightning System (LTS) was designed to provide good security workers, good ways to try to DO-160 with reliable, repetitive results.

The program consists of a large-scale caster, computer-controlled component, and discarded modules that are known for a variety of shapes and simple or more pain associated with a trial standard. All of these are easily adapted by exploring the EMI risks, including follow-up, care, and final follow-up. Test all metals with additional airplanes at Level 5 (5A / 5B), 1 to 6 movies, and it becomes an easy way to achieve Boeing, Airbus, EUROCAE, and so on.

The well-known activities have quick testing, strict software, software designed and monitored, and the form view & # 39; front and front computers. Landing and field work are available worldwide.

The LTS Surge Network cells that are available and support devices include:

* D111-1 Modern Program: Modern dimensions up to 5kA; 0.1V / A; max rms now 65A is a quick time to leave 20ns

* D301X Software Program: How to go up to 50kA; 0.01V / A; 1%; max rms now 400A is the fastest time of 200ns

* D561-L3: Waveform 5A to Lvl 3, verse 1

* D561-L4: Waveform 5A to Level 4, verse 1

* D561-L5: Waveform 1, 4, 5A to Level 5, verse 1

* D562-L3: Waveform 2 to Lvl 3, verse 1

* D562-L4: Waveform 2 to Level 4, verse 1

* D562-L5: Waveform 2 to Lvl 5, verse 1

* D563-L3: Waveform 3 to Level 3, verse 2

* D563-L4: Waveform 3 to Level 4, verse 2

* D563-L5: Part 3 to Lvl 5, verse 2

* D564-L3: Waveform 5B to Level 3, verse 1

* D564-L4: Waveform 5B at Level 4, verse 1

* D564-L5: Waveform 5B to Level 5, verse 1

* D566-L5: Movies 1 and 4 in Level 5, verse 1

* D567-L3: Waveform 5A at Level 3

* D567-L4: Waveform 5A, Mzere 4

* D567-L5: Exposure 5A, Line 5, one painful ability

* D568 Modern Waveform Module: Highly Tested for Boeing D6-16050-5 with the appropriate level of Airbus; including transformer

* D569: The 6th Moderator to Level 5, many types of DO-160, and Boeing and Airbus standards

* D570 Voltage Spike Module: Airbus ABD0100.1.8.1 / DO160 section 17, pain one, 4 levels

* D591 Module Plus Add: ECAT-LTS

* D591-1 Power Management: 0-400Hz, 0-244 VAC / 20A, 0-285 VDC / 10A

* DCHV-1 Broadcast Device: Waveform 3

* DCI-1 Removal of Metal Exclusions: Waveforms 1, 5A, 5B

* DCV-1 Conquer Strike Using: Waveforms 2 and 4

* DPI-1 Pain in Pini Project: Improving 1,2,4,5A, 5B

* F-LTS-5 Testing System of Lightning Line 5 Design: Mainframe / Controller

Comments 1: Single and easy

Step 2: special pain, frequent pain and many tests

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Preparing n & # 39; quick – select the form of the interface and click the button. Damaged electromagnetic damage provides a simple form of electricity, electricity and combination. Constructing module helps to create new additions to new movies. These routes and regions are available for sale / rental from Avalon.