Green Oil in Blue Sky


Planets have petroleum fuel known as fuel fuel fuel. Airplane oil is much better than fuel used for heat or traffic. Additional fuel fuel aircraft is used to reduce explosion due to high temperatures or even cold.

It is important, in view of the damage and airplane supplement, knowing that the fule aircraft is the most successful and expensive. In times of financial crisis, hunting is for some power.

Because there are a number of other aircraft competitions that we encounter with other drug companies are high. Usually, not air-conditioning fuel comes from the spirit of oil. Petroleum can be used in diesel engines and an airplane. Alcohol, alcohol, and other addicts have been used to experiment. Here are some types of aircraft:

Avgas (fuel drivers) are available at the # 4; most of the most, but most airline, while a jet plane is found in & # 39; large groups, mainly aircraft, aircraft, aircraft and aircraft. Such as Avgas fuel used by automobile pilots and aircraft are different from the motor vehicle (mogas) used for motor vehicles. Jet oil is a lighter or green oil that is poured in paraffin or paraffin paraffin. It is not known by diesel fuel.

Aircraft is delivered by train to the airport. Airplanes are sometimes filled with houses full of cars. Some have heavy airplane parks and jobs using fixed pipelines.

Oil traders make sure they can distinguish between Avgas and jet oil, because there are different types of fuel. Red, blue or green soils are included in such places as the shape. The pancreas used in the Avgas drive is 49 m & # 39; The engine of the piston engine uses bubbles of 60 m. Jet oil has a & # 39; J spout & # 39; that opens up to 60 meters so that it is not used for Avgas docks.

From January 2009 to progress, the oil jet will cost about $ 1.50 per gallon. With Avgas ordering between $ 4- $ 6 – depending on the location of the airport or provider you use.

Some of the additional aircraft and additional facilities are listed below.

Oil buyers are willing to produce oil because they want to be green and because of expensive oil. Currently kerosene oil and plants / fuel ( are tested to be appropriate – they are thought to be used individually or combined with jet oil.

It's the first days of some oils, but plans are going to make low or low-fat fuel. The Virgin Atlantic company has already developed a mix of 20% of baassu oil and coconut oil while Airbus's plane is moving rapidly by one engine used by Fisher Tropsch (synthetic) oil and oil.

It is intended to be used in the form of other fossil fuels. Reduce the release of particles and energy from the first light or cooling, is one part of which. Airline runners run at the # 39;