From the Sea – How to Follow Your Learning Goals How to Go


They all start with dreams that someday they will learn to escape. As in the beginning of the Wright Brothers, somehow it started with you. People ask us why we walk. Why are we so excited? Yeah, after 22 years of age and flying, I still have only one answer to that question. I & # 39; s in our blood, I tell them. That's an innate which we can't explain. We are interested in flights and all airplanes.

Like many airline pilots, I began to plant myself at the end of the aircraft. I was ready to spend hours going to & # 39; children. I remember the smell of jet oil, the sound of the engine engines, and the other dream of another day to be useless. When I was on my side, I took a look at the details of the flights that passed me. I memorized all of this. I am looking forward to and from now on as a student, a pilot, a pilot, and a captain. My experience has made me both in the world and around the world as a master and guardian. Like most pilots, I & # 39; I have shared the skies and hurricanes, a storm, a hurricane, and some of the most beautiful sun you see in your life. I am CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, and I have symbols on BE1900, B737, and B757 / 767. Now I am a boeing 737 pilot on a major commercial plane.

As soon as I started my journey, I had no experts. I knew I wanted to run but I didn't know how to start a good solution. With this lighting experience, I hope to introduce you to any correct way you want to fly on a flight. Whether you want to run for a break at the end of the week or if you want to be a major aircraft operator, I share more about # 39; s that will help you start. Use this article as a tool to help you save time and questions. Enjoy. You are approaching just a few trips in the world.

The following should be considered when deciding how to start your pilot. This is not a complete list. However, it will help you find the right way.

  • Can you teach on FAA section 141 or FAA on secondary school 61?
  • Do you want an emergency school that makes things change or difficult subjects? Section 141 schools offer a better place than their 61 segment.
  • Do you want to be a pilot or are you flying for your use? You should check your school decisions. Don't skip with the first school you meet. The major part of your choice will be determined whether you are athletic or just want to run on your business or entertainment.
  • Another complicated issue is a school plane. Your pilot trainer will help them become your pilot. You should talk to the counselors at the schools of flight and know if they can meet your needs.
  • Depending on your goals, you need to do a preview # # 39; Have an idea of ​​the ratings and licenses you want to receive. In addition, you should know the difference between the license and the program!
  • Before you use the money for travel, you need to know the FAA health requirements for the licenses you need. Obviously, you don't want to lose money on education if you don't agree with medical requirements!
  • Financial help may be available to you. In your search, this is the way you can find out.
  • Make two letters to bring in your school research. One list should be a list of airports and one should be a flight list.

It is your choice to learn to fly, you will sell more time and money. Before you start, search the right n & # 39; the most important thing for your time and money!

Jeff Miller