Sex in Cessna, Part III


At the moment we have learned the safety of an airplane in an unknown location, with the driver and away from other vehicles. Now we are explaining a sexually transmitted area, which will help you to stay in flight without hindrance. Remember to fly the plane first and complain again about your sexual relationship.

So here is what we have learned on the cap; bring a sex uniform, don't leave a window after the job, use an autopilot, have enough space and stay in the & # 39; Make sure the seat can be closed in a full area, be a seat above a 30 degree and your assistant wife will climb up to your seat.

Now, your head should be around & # 39; on the side to see next to your spouse or visit you & # 39; other cars. If you are in Cessna yaing & # 39; such as Cessna 150 or Cessna 172 driving or wandering from your partner is preferred because running within aircraft may change the flight plan. If you do not have the option to run the & # 39; logo & # 39; look better, you have to drive the plane with your feet and it takes a few minutes to run smoothly and it is best to have an extra aircraft. You will find that the excitement and other adrenaline will be prepared for a great meeting, which you will remember for the rest of your life.

After repairing your plan is getting ready because there is nothing worse than borrowing a plane with dots on the chairs, it is clear how they reached. As your girlfriend you are challenged you will want to ensure that her feet do not touch the yoke or control. This has happened to me when he stopped the regulatory authorities when he dropped out of his seat. One of the most difficult things to do is to make sure that there is no clothes that blow the noise, this is easy to do in Cessna because of its strong sound and the place of the liver. This has just happened to me once, but it can happen, so be careful about it. It is better to help her move her feet back. In some of Cessna you will find the stories and chairs that are at the door and there is no place for a woman to kneel, we give a pillow under your end to lift you so she has the comfort she needs to go on the road when you all get the top kilometer team. Think about it.

* Please be advised to have sexual intercourse at the airport & # 39; a counter against the Federal Aviation Regulations and absolutely prohibited. This article was written using my name and academic objectives.