S35 Beechcraft Bonanza – Cause for First Buying Birds Can Love It


If this is the first time you buy a plane, then you would like to read this article. Many people make mistakes when buying their first flight, and you want to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. Used or new? What kind of example? How do you know if it's appropriate for you? We will go over a few things you need to check & # 39; click and expect while you are entering the & # 39; modern stuff.

Before you choose which type of flight you will have, first you have to choose whether you can use it or use it. New aircraft have a “new odor”, but ten times more expensive. Some people believe that a new green aircraft means that it will be safe, since all the new organs come out of the meeting.

First of all, you should understand that the airline used in the market is generally good, and it is consistent with the state security regulations. One of the reasons is that to get insurance, you have to run damaged aircraft every year and from year to year.

This is why airline travel continues to this day. One reason is that pilots are not going to heaven and put their lives at risk without any guarantee that everything is working under the house. Perhaps you are buying a plane run by a pilot, because they are either preparing or using another aircraft and why they are selling it.

So now that we have left the false doctrines of the airplane, you have to ask yourself the type of aircraft you buy. Its deterioration and many species and aircraft are available, with many additions and distractions. The easiest way is to choose how many seats you want and get out of there.

Now that you have decided how many seats you want, the second thing you want to think about is your long journey. Most aircraft will help make a decision. If so many places are nearby, you want to get a little airline because it is too expensive and too long.

The S35 Bonanza is a short flight, about 534 nautical miles. Additional space enough to follow your many requirements. Her aircraft 6, so the whole family can come together. And it's cheap, making a good choice for many new customers.