The Most Causes of Flight Alerts are & # 39; onozing & # 39;


Many people are afraid of flying. Some people even refuse to put a foot on a plane and in their place they choose to drive a long distance in & # 39; if they have to be somewhere else. The most amazing thing about avoiding a large flight is that there are too few to die in a car accident, especially if you are traveling long distances as long as you are traveling. The only time the fear of escaping really is logical and when flying in the aircraft & # 39; onozing & # 39;

Even though you can't get out of danger by boarding a big airplane, if you often fly out of the plane or fly on a plane and # 39; onozing & # 39; Because a small flight is very dangerous, pilots are only required to do so. The error & # 39; error for the pilot can cause serious damage. Because of the widespread accidents of the aircraft, the pilot is responsible for the unethical behavior that makes the plane crash and that it can be convicted of a life-threatening injury or death of a sick person, or as a plane on a helicopter, everyone in a plane crashed or killed .

Why a Skin Crisis Airplanes

Reasons for the accident due to injury or death include:

– This run-off error includes making a bad choice on the operator's event as a bad weather, coming or visiting & # 39;

– Wrong devices – the owner of the aircraft to ensure that the road beaches are part of the road before they leave

– Violations of the FAA-rules are available for everyone to live in the air and survive and must carefully follow them.

– Software or construction – these are complex by planners who choose to fly their plane or build their aircraft.

– The error of the car dealer

– Third-party caregiver not to ignore

– Care or maintenance of carelessness

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