Airplane Repair Equipment


Great houses and wings, fences, and houses. The first flight crew, on the wings and holes, the runners, the riders, and the drivers. These parts are associated with seams, so-called organs.

All products made from competition, bottles, or special attractions are members of the neck. Fasteners cannot be used for groups that are not compatible – for example, patch, cup and paper. A little bit of iron and a combination of paper made when the two metals compete with each other & # 39;

Airplane parts are made in & # 39; four ways: spraying, trampling, shaking, and releasing. The iron part of the leaves is transformed from the first cast into the first trunk and started to make treatment. The printed section is set, installed in the manufacturing machines, and then heated to heat.

Drying machines are made from metal machines using cash and methods of display. An extrusion is part of a plane that is made by forcing iron through the dead. The following are used as spars, stringers, longons, or ways. In order for the metal to be extruded, bent, or made, it must first be closed and ductile by writing. After this work, the heat is hot and hot.

Airbus wings

Here in the UK, especially in the Airbus in North Wales, our ability to develop aircraft wings. The wings of the aircraft should be strong enough to withstand the impact of flying and hardening. The wings of the metal have two types: Semicantilever and full cantilever. Semicantilever, or braced, wings are used for true flights. They are assisted outside with a plane that connects the wings of the wings. Many wings are made of solid iron. It does not need to take revenge or help. The skin carries the side of the wings. Parts that are used for both wings and tablets, ribs & # 39; onoting & # 39; onions, old ribs, hard, cramped papers, gussets. wings of wings and wings of wings.

Airbus in Broughton uses more than 5,000 people, especially in manufacturing, as well as in modern technology and financial services.

The wings of the wings

Two or more types are used for the construction of the wing. They carry a long, high-carbonated air supply. All the ribs and ribs help with the fusege wing.

Damaged contests

Electric ribs carry heavy loads in the escape, from front to front. A support kit with other aircraft is made up of two parts. The main thing of the rib is taking the energy used for spar when the flight is flying.

Kalela Ribs

Long ago, a rib, made from long sticks, adhered to the string and wings of the wings to form its wings. The old ribs can be chosen as the ribs of the nose, the front of the m & # 39; ribs, and the middle ribs between the front and front of the wing. The interface characters are not made as original members.


Wire string is made of flat & # 39; onoting & # 39; on tating & # 39; onoting & # 39; preformed extruded or aluminum. They walk forwards to the back of the fuse and from the wings of the wings. Covering the wing of the wing on both ends and the ribs will give some energy.

Stressed Depression Ideas

Stressed paper is used on the wings to help the weight of the fuel tank. Some steel metals contain black metal and some are very sophisticated steel. Stressed wounds are done in & # 39; places with long lines of machine machines, and regular nuts, which are stuck in the top bars. Stress management is attracted to the ribbon & # 39;


Gussets, or gusset dishes, are used on the aircraft to join and strengthen the central parts. Gussets are used to control the pressure from one member to the place where people enter.

Wings' instructions

The wings of the school, which are at the end of the wing, have two objectives: Running wind pressure and giving wings to & # 39; children.

The wings of the wings

The wings of the wings cover the inside and provide fresh air at the edge of the wing. On the precious wings, the skins are worried. However, all wing covers are to be done if the original materials are based on the fixed image or metal.

Fuselage Assemblies.

The main purpose of the aircraft is two types of airplane fighter. The entire monocoque fuselage contains the parts & # 39; onozing & # 39; on the inside of the inner surface and the most stressed skin than the semimonocoque fuselage, which uses the internal throat to gain its strength.

The entire monocoque fuselage edge is used on the aircraft & # 39; onozing & # 39; see, because stressed skin eliminates the need for ropes, old rings, and other types of explosions, thus enabling air traffic.

The cinnamon flavor derives its strength from m & # 39; the following groups: Bulkheads, loose, colored sculptures, color skins, body parts, old rings, and cords.


Bulkhead is a founding feature, which is often found in fuselage, which is used as a value chain. A few examples of the bulkhead area and where the wings can be connected in the fusege, where the machines are made in the & # 39; houses are protected from the fusege, and the entrance.

Longerons and Keel Beams

Longerons and keel boards do the same work in fuselage aircraft. They all carry the amount of moving things forward and the end. Mng & # 39; alkaline and additive, the most powerful components of airframe, tie the weight of other aircraft parts, such as planets, lights, and motor vehicles.

Drag Struts and Other Notes

Drag the support material to the body and other major organs. Use tools to use a large aircraft for aircraft to close the wing of the fusege. Body support tools are used to support the materials that make up the bulkhead or underneath & # 39;

Old jewels and fusege rings are not made of great size. Ancient rings are used to make fungi. The Fuselage speed of the front and aft tanks are used to tie bulkheads and

old rings.

The Empennage Airplane

The stomach is the tail of the aircraft. They are made of fixed steel, carved, damaged and damaged parts. The women's information section has the same characteristics that are used for the construction of the wing. Stabilizers and airplane parts are made of spars, ribs, string and leather.

Also, tail tail, like wings, can be outside or imprisoned.

Steady and Wide Line

A mixed line is associated with the first power up, i.e., elevator. The fish starts the airplane's nose up or down. All around it, air and oxygen generate a sense of stability in the air. On the other aircraft that are damaged are used by a congress assembly that allows the pilot to fly the plane on its way.

Extra Supplement And Improvement

The curved line connects to the end of the fuse and gives the plane a firmness on the light. Connecting to a straightforward stabilizer is a straightforward, aiming to turn the plane with its spiral line.


The rider and the metal are the flying creatures of the tail. Ailerons are pilot aircraft. Just across the school, he lets the plane turn off its length.

When the right aileron moves up, left down, so it starts the plane right. For this purpose it creates huge energy, ailerons should be built in & # 39; a method to endure.

Airplane controls not more than three essential airplanes. For example, on the wings of jet-body jet, there are as many as ten flight flight, including high and low-speed speed, flaps, and manufacturers.

Flaps And Spoilers

The wings of the wings add up to lifting up and climbing. Walk in and out, on the wing of the wings, walk from the back, into insecure places, down the ground, start air and make flying. Disadvantages – Kosoger and run-camber wounds – increase the size of the wings and thus allow the plane to fall or walk along the shortest. Thieves, located at the center of the good part, serve two purposes. They help speed up the flight of the plane at the time of flight, and are used to kill arthritis on land.

Search Ma Tabs

Connect with pilot aircraft and equipment called trim tabs. It is used to make a good transition to flight. The tables are built like wings or volumes, but they are

very little.