Airplane Creative Design that will be the fastest runner


The young men are sure they have a top play at the airline party. Their interest will rise at the top of the # 39; To help you find your wings, here are birthday celebrations that should be for a special young day.

The Flight of the Air Force

Make your call to look like the opening package, a basket of candy or a passport. Another option is to write everything you write on paper decorations and then fold in the form of a plane, put it in the envelope and send it.

Airplane Ideas

According to the outfit, a baby can wear as a pilot, a pilot, or a pilot. Another suggestion may be simply making a piece of paper with a copy of the picture while the visitors are coming. You can have other young people who can draw a picture of the clouds, sun or well, yes, aircraft.

Plans a Party Birds

  • Make plastic planks from the top of the mountain range by using fish.
  • Change the melting walls in the plane of the airplane and other flight planes.
  • Turn your road or car on the road by placing a red paper on the head with white and white arrows.
  • Cover the roof with blue blue and white streisted streamers and / or blogs.
  • Mark the table of the gifts that say, “Arrives,” a sign on the table of grace that says, “Come out,” a sign on the room that says “A carrier.”.

Games protected by airplanes

The children will & # 39; will be happy to play the old game of Pineni Mila on the donkey and the twist of the aircraft. Can play as Pin Pin Pilot In Airplane. All you have to do is use a plane chart and your visitors try to draw a few pictures of pilots going to the second tape room. To make you happier, if you have photos of all your visitors, you can have their own photographs. In other words, you can play Pin App on Airplane.

Bread and Cookies

One of the many parts of each party is a cake and / or cake. An airplane adorns yourself to begin flying like a plane. In a different way, you can make a cake to look like a road and a plane. Be sure to send your visitors as an airplane as you provide them with a set of bread, cookies and other supplements for your flight plan. You can allow children to decorate cookies on your site.

Party Party

Children can enjoy their party at the Departes table, which can include aircraft, dolls, symbols, and Balsa airplanes.

Children & # 39; these are attracted to the noise of a jet airplane, so, maybe you can't go wrong with the flight of the airline. So, the time has come, getting up and getting away as you begin to prepare for the day of the flight and the flight.