Rainfall and Air Destruction


We have all heard of acid rain. It happens when pollution mixes with fresh air and then the wind breaks out. This mixture can lead to water molecules mixing with chemicals inside the contamination. The result causes many problems for people; for example, landslides, painting cars and acidity m & # 39; rivers, lakes and perhaps drinking water.

One thing you cannot think of is the salt water that can catch aircraft. Airplane crashes can lead to problems and make it easier for & # 39; Air traffic disruption is not an interesting phenomenon. It's not as if you could stop by airplane, get out and call AAA. There are many examples in & # 39; NTSB books that prevent the installation of aircraft.

The acid rain is of great importance, something that most people don't think of. Some say that it is increasing every year despite statistics showing that things have been progressing well in the # 39; One of the most practical things in the owner of a plane or a plane can do after the aircraft has run off and the rainy season is to wash them and wash the new & # 39; Consider this in 2006.