Mattituck Airport's history


Southold City in Long Island North Fork, Mattituck Air Base (21N) is the only self-employed area, which operates 18 acres and offers 2,200- and 60-foot-asphalt pathway, 1/19. The first two magnetic methods are run at Great Peconic Bay.

Established in 1946 After Parker Wickham returning from his second job of the second Airy Air Corps World War on his Movet land, he was given 16 acres of his father's farm to go to his home, because, “You have no money in potatoes, anyhow. Just a bit of tar, "the road" was just like dry grass.

In addition to the use of jet aircraft with high power and aircraft near their north-north homes, the nodes, which make up damages, and engine repairs and retailers, which were sold in 1984, were redeemed by members of four years later. , he was re-sold in 1999 at Teledyne-Continental, also called Teledyne-Mattituck Services on November 9 of that year.

As one of the longest northern engineers in the north & # 39; in the north north & # 39; tomorrow, it also operated as Teledyne Technologies, Inc., to close the house from the Wickham family. Later it was purchased by AVIC International in China, at the time Mattituck Services, which uses 70 at a time, or 350 times a year, and had twelve cars a week, or more than 500 a year.

Continental Motors mentions its activities as "an engine-off engineer and factory fittings, industrial factories and electrical engineers; annual research, programs that run & # 39; recycle, and good fuel movement."

For the 12 months of data on September 27, 2007, one trip called Mattituck Airport was 33 times a day, or 12,200 a year, and only 32 flights.

After Parker Wickham left in 2011, he tested his own son, Jay, and his wife, Cyndi, who had lived with the plane for five years. But a major airline due to an increase in cash flows, only a few of the remaining permanent flights there, is the closure of the rainy season in & # 39; the summer of 2012, leaving him no choice but selling the airline four years later, his mission announced on June 3 , 2016. Because of renovations, fuel cars were supplied to Albertson Marine, Inc., in Southold.

The Continental Motors store, which is four years old, is less and less likely to be profitable with two different sites, organized by Fairhope, Alabama, a plant.

"For a certainty, I think all of us are professional and have done a good job of demonstrating the importance of factories and what has made the organization unlimited," said Rhett Ross, Continental Motors & # 39; "It wasn't easy, but the site has been going through for ten years."

All employees of the remaining 20 were removed.

Even Southold City felt that the purchase price was prohibited and the money could be low, "rescuers" came as Paul Pawlowski and Steve Marsh, who work in Hudson City Savings Bank's Main Road project in Mattituck. Using aircraft aircraft to fly on the airplane on September 30, 2016, they want to explore the road and destroy all the houses, except the car's garage, automotive glass, and new new instruments, but still keep the airplane like it.