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Aircraft Examples Examples are a mechanism for airplane collectors to gather their major aircraft. Among all the major aircraft in the market today, dying aircraft pass. The color and detail on dead aircraft are superior to the same plastic paper. The three most popular are 1: 200, 1: 400 and 1: 500.

The 1: 500 scale is a yaing & # 39; Powered by Herpa Wings. The drugs are very effective not only for airplanes, but also for heavy vehicles. Over the years, Herod has grown to a great detail in & # 39; their images, making them the best in the 1: 500 market. In addition to the plane, Herpa also offers a variety of airplanes, airports and aircraft. They are very good and very detailed.

Programs 1: 400 and "size of the & # 39; atmosphere". The two players on this market are Gemini Jets and Dragon Wings. Herpa Wings has some donations, but not much. Ma Jets Gemini and Dragon Dragon provides additional top quality in architecture and detail. Gemini recently opened a line of airports and aids in 1: 400 market.

The 1: 200 scale is the largest of three. There have recently been more donations from Gemini Jets and Herpa Wings. The advantages and details are unique. For example, there are many rubber wheels that are made of rubber wheels, and on images, pilot engineers.

Using a plane aircraft, you want to select which job you want. You can purchase software planes (or monuments), buildings and equipment, or you can build everything from the beginning. If you are building a pilot site, you can & # 39; ll be on the FAA website, under the preparation and power to find all the requirements for road length, length, authorization, etc.. To convert these dimensions correctly, use the following forms:

measure in cm = measure in feet x Turn-Action

where Conversion-Factor is 0.024 to 1: 500 percent, 0.03 to 1: 400 level, is 0.06 to 1: 200 scale. For example, the length of the road up to 150 meters, this change to 1: 500:

150 × 0.024 = 3.6 inches grow

If you want to make your own notes, you can use a variety of materials. For the originator, you can use Balsa tree, or cardboard. For the most advanced, you can go to a national museum, checking the & # 39; Most of these devices can be used to build your aircraft. Regardless of the measure, use your mind and enjoy!