Reasons 7 Women Pilots Definitely Bonanza Beech and Flight Aircraft – Not What You Think


The first Beechcraft Bonanza was brought back in 1947. Now in 2009 the famous Bonanza program is also made by Hawker Beechcraft. This makes Bonanza a very long-flight aircraft in & # 39; history. More than 17,000 Bonanzas of various offices have been created.

There is a reason why Bonanza is against the time of testing. Every pilot has a dream of flying Bonanza.

I remember the first time my son ran Bonanza solo from South Carolina to Pennsylvania to see his grandmother. It was a wonderful day in his life. He said that after he flew Bonanza enough to appear on his way to land, he finally felt as if he were a pilot.

When pilots think about the flight of Bonanza as a symbol of title, pilots think about Bonanza as a very beautiful flight.

Beech Bonanza is famous for all pilots who think they are committing adultery. Here are seven things that a woman thinks is Bonanza's sex:

1. Run – some of them walking at 200 mph.

2. It is not your own bird.

3. It's a classy and soft machine.

4. It's an expedient. Many women pilots say, “When you fly Beechcraft Bonanza, you have more energy.” You can't feel this no matter how you are when you're not flying and you can't see it when you fly in any other aircraft.

5. When you walk out of Beechcraft Boanaza you have the same time as a pilot and a mother with authority.

6. Women's planes and good businessmen know that at Beech Bonanza, it is a money that is more fun than money.

7. Finally, the flight of Beech Bonanza is just fun. It is one of the most difficult in the world (or should I say above the earth).

The good news for airline pilots is that now Beech Bonanza flights are selling at an unknown price. Search for eBay and search online and find one of these amazing features.

If the flight of Bonanza is so wonderful, consider the joy of having your Bonanza Beach Beach. It's like having a piece of history.

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