The Bird's Growth


On December 17, 1903, Wilbur Wright was surprised when his brother Orville Wright left the first airplane. The trip took 12 seconds and traveled twenty-two meters, which is less than the length of the modern technology. The Wright brothers also flew three other trips on the day of history, much longer than eight hundred seventy-seven feet, ninety-seven feet that were shot by Wilbur. The brothers faced many obstacles that they had to overcome before they made a plane. One of the problems was to find a small but very powerful engine. One challenge they faced was the strongest of the airplane that was able to accomplish by moving on its own. The two brothers also had to plan their aircraft.

The main point of Bernoulli is very important to allow flights to disappear. The pyramids agree that the atmosphere should evaporate rapidly in the top of the mound of copper cover. Most work on airplanes to make it possible for them to operate smoothly. One of these powers is being explored. Thrust offers suitable airplanes to make an upgrade which is another power. Thrust is made by propellers and engines. The elevation is another power created when the air flows faster than the airplane's wing than it is down. The heaviest airplane is essential for climbing. Drag and fight against it and may reduce depending on the flight plan. Drag to each part of the airplane, the color difference between the molecules of the air and above the aircraft. The gravitational force affects the airplane as much as it can be like a paper plane to come back down to the ground with all three forces.

The wings of a bird are similar to the wings of a bird and allow it to fly, but the bird can change very quickly because it can flap its wings differently. The way the bird's body is used is very fast and it produces less clay. A fortune-teller is like a flying wing and is pulling an airplane in front of it for a purpose aimed at making a distance. The Wright brothers created their first order to lift their plane down. The helicopter is different from the airplane because it can leave and step down, shaking its & # 39; place. Almost the helicopter airplane flies the & # 39; an aircraft makes the flight go and change the way. Helicopter is also dependent on the speed of the page and the route.

Airplane airplanes provide airline and aircraft routes to fly faster. The air is absorbed into the jet engine through the back of the fan. Running of air increases with compressor and spraying with oil. Then the electricity is squeezed and spreads through the nostrils in the back, which leads to a big front. Rocket types are an engine driven by what happens. A good example of how a rocket works with air-conditioned blankets. The balloon doesn't move when closed, but behind the release runs ahead. The balloon runs forward because it is the way the wind blows back, like the rocks shooting at the front as the oil is shooting back.