The Truth About Air Protection – Are You afraid to fly fairly?


Do you love airplanes? Are you sure that all planes are safe? If so, you are not alone. Many people around the world are afraid to flee.

Many dangerous birds threaten their nervousness and fly while they really deserve, enduring suffering from veins of terrestrial velocity to terrestrial terrain – with horror fears for days or weeks when the airplane approaches.

Some just refuse to fly, no matter what they need. Whether the business of the business or the enjoyment, threats of work or disturbing relationships with friends and fathers may be the result of the lack of a good flight. But whatever pain is sitting down, it is not enough for the group to be on a plane.

Is One of These Groups?

If you're a flyer nervous – whether you are Use your teeth-and-in-flight group, or no-no-no-no The group – you probably think you have many reasons for fear. After that, each time there is a plane crash at the front and middle of the story. When that happens, you feel good about it, scary your fears.

Consider the first few years of this century. In a short time, you have been afraid of flying from hearing stories like this:

  • February 2009, Continental Connection Flight 3407 rocked at the International Airport of Buffalo-Niagara in New York. Fifty people were killed.
  • August 2006, Comair 5191 airplanes fell at the time of departure from Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky. Thirty-eight people were killed.
  • October 2004, 5966 aircraft landed on the way to Kirksville Regional Airport in Missouri. Thirteen people were killed.
  • January 2003, the Air Midwest aircraft 5481 flew quickly from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. Twenty-eight people were killed.
  • In November 2001, the 587 aircraft of the American Airlines landed shortly from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. A total of 265 people were killed.

All these accidents have occurred in the United States, and some accidents have been occurring in some areas of the world at this time.

If you're afraid of flying, you may be thinking, “There, see? That's it because I don't want to go to the airplane! "So if you are running away because you think it is not safe, you are well Рflying." nothing & # 39; perfect & # 39; safe.

Oh, and here is something you need to avoid because it is More Serious harm – than flight flight:

  • Bath
  • Going out (because you can die of bees)
  • Going out (because you can die because of a thunderstorm)
  • Going out (because you can die of skin cancer from sun exposure)
  • Being in the m & # 39; house (as you might die with lung cancer from the m & # 39; houses like radon and toxic fumes)
  • Run in a car (or almost any other car)
  • Eating (because you can die with toxic food)
  • Don't eat (for good reasons!)
  • Growing grass
  • Using any imported Chinese products (just for …

Yes, I accept this list of just a & # 39; But each of these things it is more dangerous than taking a plane aircraft (except one last … maybe). The obvious point is that there are many things that are always done that is more dangerous than running.

Air travel remains secure, but recent statistics indicate that 1 accidental damage is found in approximately eight million airline pilots. Put another way, take one plane a day, every day, more 21,000 years before you count to die in a plane crash.

Good luck!

But it's not the Truth About Numbers, isn't it?

If you are afraid of running away, do you read the above help? I would be ready to be excited. That's why fear and phobias all of us are often overcome are not true because of reality, numbers and ideas.

I know someone who is suffering from phobic fear. But he sees a snake in a natural place three or four times throughout his life. And at any given time, you can't be sure that the snake was chased away more than it was, terrible and just wanting to stop shouting, berserk man quickly. This man dangerous The fear of snakes is useless and unfit, but it does not matter. He hears what he hears.

And if you are struggling with the fear of a phobia bird, then I think you are not so much different from my scared friend – except to fly your snakes. Probably know that your fear is without wisdom and justice, but that does not change, does it? It doesn't change how you feel.

But if your fears diminish in your life, you should know that you can change. Many people are. And it does not just increase in knowledge, statistics and statistics. It is not trivial or foolish to read a story that tells you how to escape, quickly shaking your fears.

That's to take your fears off the root and remove them together, just as you planted a garden. I want to learn change your mind m & # 39; testing site don't ignore they. That's it how to overcome your flight crew.