Instructions for Trainers Airplane Airplanes From the Unexpected Thoughts


Just as I have learned new airplanes, I have found some useful tools for leading facilitators how to find the most unusual behavior.

An abnormal habit can easily be made by a student or an experienced pilot for any reason not listening to his weapons (often poorly located) and may have two locations. They may enter the # # 39; cotton no doubt that brings the cage or rotation, OR they get in & # 39; running water that leads them and their aircraft as tools to run the world. We know it is wrong to try to move mountains or land with airplanes.

Soon I was flying with my plane trainer when he hosted the IPC program for me. Any airline pilot that does not use six modes of weapons under six (6) units should be checked by the current aircraft technician, for their money.

In the middle of the checklist, I had to do a bad job that my leader covered with weapons to see if I was still running this way and was saved by a few ideas that he didn't give me inside. This is the expected part of the flight search.

When my older brother did so, he told me to use only airspeed (ASI) signature and patronage & # 39; I've never been taught this way. I always had a showcase and a sign of the & # 39; children. Unfortunately until then I just thought I was going to explore it faster (VSI) I had to go & # 39; children to see where we started again. When you do this you will soon be smoking below VSI's shaking 7 or 8 seconds. I learned from my sister that it was ASI that I was supposed to go & # 39;

So when you start teaching that a person does not learn strange things from your new trainer pilots they are allowed to keep a place (a visual show to see if they are in real weapons) when you show how to get this. They will see it, just as the air turns every way, i.i. departs from an increase or repetition, that at the time the plane is at the end of the end.

Using a follow-up leader can check whether the wings are on the ground or on the bank. This means that if ASI shows that the speed is expanding, the energy should be reduced and if the level of the yoke should be continued and the energy is increasing.

Once a student sees this several times to assure them that it is NOT the way they tell them that the plane is the only way to restore it when it is used only unless you can start again.

I have seen this support that students are exploring.