Flex Mapiko Vs. Ultralight Airplanes


More than a hundred years ago, even before the Wright Brothers started their first visit, several authors tried to fly aircraft. Most of their flights have been surprising, surprising or unexpected that can not fly even mysteriously. Some have been similar to the Wrights & # 39; Flyer, which has a strong wing. When the "Flyer 1" started well in the airplane, everyone followed the idea. Until then, millions of airplane aircraft have been developed on earth.

As a result of flying aircraft, people have found that their wings make them rich and economical and start looking for alternatives. Airplane flight wings easier access to the linkig of many experts and pilots. Why?

Flex Wing Airplane Birds —

They want fewer places. Aircraft wing flight often has a "delta bars" which are shorter than wings that make wings.

Their wings can be removed. The delta can often be removed more easily than the airplane's wings. Only a few can be stored in a car

They are bright. Winged flies are often divided as ultralight trikes or stems – a sense of urgency.

It's cheaper. Flipper wings can take 1/2 of the same flight plan. This is very beneficial.

Don't get out of here and go. Due to their extremely low-drenched bombs and the wings of flexible wings can start to evacuate from the vehicle and location almost everywhere.

Hard to fly. Often this number is the simplest and most efficient way of managing aircraft.

But yet you see so many broken aircraft nearby, don't you? It is not because of the habit. Has their own value:

Creating Additional Benefits Birds —

They are quick. Winged flies are not contaminated, so they cannot compete with their wings.

They are safe. Often aircraft wings are more secure than they are. They are less than just # # 39;

It's from the sky. Most school planters have customers. You can run even though it is cold or rainy. In your culture you are shown in the air and you can take a cold if there is no.

It's a real flight. Letang & # 39; own it, you can't & # 39; have the most in ultralight trike. Airplane has set up wings, and everything else is a microlight toy. (Does this sound like a big argument ?;

Both groups have their own problems. You should also think about it when you are buying a plane.

Flex Wing aircraft

Riskier. Because they do not have very few rules, the risk of purchasing simplicity is higher.

Strengthen. These are beneficial and can be difficult. A further airplane is driven by strong winds.

You may need clothes and gadgets. Running out would require warm clothes and glasses. Not that this is bad, is it?

Destruction of aircraft

Valuable. This was said above. Even the simplest aircraft with wings has a greater impact than the number of ultralight trike.

I would like a hangar. You can't put it in & # 39; your car, unless it's too big. You must pay for a connection.

I need to run away. The wings of the wings are so big that they cannot fit in on the road. They need to run away and this means the airline money.

Strengthening the fly. Most school aircraft have a lot of power to keep & # 39; A license is usually required.

When you see bigger planes it gets impaired. They serve different purposes and nobody will get in the # 39; place in someone else's. There is no good or bad quality, there is only one right for you.